Best Upper Chest Exercise (WITHOUT EQUIPMENT!)

Best Upper Chest Exercise (WITHOUT EQUIPMENT!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So you’re training at home and you’re3 running
a little bit short on your upper chest exercise options. Not after watching today’s video. I’m going to show you how to draw on the use
of dumbbells and barbells so that you have a great option when you don’t have access
to them and it’s really accomplishing the same thing. If you look at the actual exercise when you’re
using a barbell, what is the main difference when you’re doing a barbell press inclined,
versus flat? It’s the position of the arm. So if you look at what’s going on with the
arms, the arms would be pressing this direction here, if it was a flat bench-press. But if we were to sit up at an incline the
arms are going to go in this position here, and they’re going to push at that angle. Why is that? Well, to target the upper chest is clavicular
fibers here that run from our clavicle – which is this bone right here. You might even be able to hear it knocking
on me. It runs down toward our arm. So to get here, it picks the arm up in this
direction. So when we come across our body and push from
here we’re going to get more of that upper chest when we do that. So we can mimic that just by going to the
floor and doing the exact same thing. If you get into a pushup position here and
you preset the arms, now you’re going to be able to put yourself in that same position. So you don’t get your arms underneath your
body this way. You put your arms out in front of your body
at about that angle. Almost 45 degrees from where you start. Now if you’re a beginner you would do this
from this position here, on your knees. You’re going to just let yourself guide down
until your face is down between your hands, or if you’re on a more advanced, you’re going
to lift up a little bit here into more of a pike position. You’re going to still do the same thing. You’re going to dive down, let your elbows
flail out, and then when you push back, you push through the heels of your hands, and
you almost try to touch your biceps together. So what I’m doing is, I’m pushing through
the heels of my hand here, and I’m trying to bring my biceps together. Just like this. Here, and bring my biceps together. They’re not going to actually touch, obviously,
because my hands can’t move. But what I am going to do is allow a little
bit of that extra adduction of the chest to make this even better. I am going to show you one tweak you can do
to make that better. The idea is, if I do this right toward you
guys here, by coming down at this angle, I’m just recreating the incline bench-press here,
done, here. So I come this way, like this, hands close
together, dive down, let the arms fly out, push back, squeeze, squeeze. Dive down, squeeze. Down, squeeze. Right in through here. Down, and squeeze up. Now, what was I talking about in terms of
making that better? You can make it better by adding an adduction
component because we know that one of the biggest functions of the chest is to bring
the arm across the body. One of the major limitations to regular pushups
and bench-press is that you always stay out here and you’re never even worrying about
the adduction of the arms. Well, you can do it in a fixed position by
not worrying about what’s going on with your fixed arms, but what’s going on with your
moveable torso. So I could take my body and rotate it on a
fixed arm to get adduction at the shoulder. So here’s what it looks like. If I’m in here – and I’ll do it on my knees
here to start. If I’m in here, I push down here, and as I
come up I rotate my torso to the right. So I’m just rotating my body to the right
and you can see about how much of that is rotating this way. Down, come up, and I rotate. Now, what has happened here? I covered this with a flat pushup before. What’s happened is, I’ve created that much
adduction because I come down, and then I rotate here which creates a relative adduction
of the arm against the torso. Your body doesn’t care whether it’s the
arm moving on the chest, or the chest moving on the arm. It’s just that you’re getting the adduction,
with is a function of the chest. So you can see, when my arms are here and
I rotate I’m going to get more of the activation of the full chest. Again, here, rotate, more activation of the
full chest. Then when we add that component of elevating
the arms we’re going to get the activation of the chest all the way around from the upper
fibers all the way down. So you can take this new move and input it
into any of your workouts at home and you’ve got a much better option for training your
chest than just relying on regular, fixed hand pushups, or any other variation that
you might do. Even dips, once you’re working a little bit
more of the lower chest, and of course, still with that same fixed hand placement with no
rotation. I hope you guys see that there are no excuses
though, when it comes to training at home. Don’t let training at home be a limitation
on the results that you see because it’s just not true. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for
a program that, step by step, lays it out, removes all the excuses, and also shows you
that you don’t need a single piece of equipment – no bars, no bands, nothing; not a single
dumbbell. Head to and get our ATHLEAN0
program. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

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  1. hello sir . im just 17 year old boy from india. today i want to clarify my doubt that imbalance of my pecs. im a right handed guy i use to do all my work with my right than left . and the main thing is my left pec is smaller than right. and i can notice and clearly it is visible that by placing my palms on each pec. so how to get rid of this and what to do and what are the reasons behind this . and tell me one thing that did you faced the same issue or not when you are a beginner

    please help to get rid of this .
    im feeling something in my mind and i stopped doing all my routine body weight workouts .

  2. Really helpful. Great to actually see the muscles working. As a single Dad to a new born, I'm more house bound and no local gyms offer childcare. Therefore working out from home is necessary for sanity and overall health. Thank you!

  3. Jeff, thank you so much for your tips and advice..they're very helpful for my training and the best part is that ever since I started to watch them, I can see good results on my body.

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    Now your my new inspiration dam
    David laid and you have an awsome fisic congrats!
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  5. I've been doing these feet on a chair for years to target the upper chest. Your break down and visuals are awesome man. Really love your passion for teaching.

  6. You really help me a lot cause i ve no time to work out except at home and your tipps add a lot to my routine

  7. I appreciate your expertise… after doing just a few of these push-ups the way you described, I could feel the difference. It's amazing how you can take a standard exercise and modify it with a slight variation and get completely different results thanks again.

  8. I'm doing push ups where my legs are highly elevated, but my upper chest and endurance is terrible. Is it ok if I did like 8-10 sets of 5?

  9. Exactly what I was looking for, great tips, versatile for someone with not much upper body strength. Thank you so much. Thumbs up and Subscribed.
    I'm doing it for real for the first time in my life. I'm going to get the body I want, no excuses.

  10. Thank you. I will remember this tip. I'm a female truck driver. And sometimes all I have is space in my truck. But that he said no excuses

  11. this is only working my arms, i can’t feel anything on the chest. am i doing something wrong? i have the arms forward just like you said

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  13. Help a non-english speaker.
    When Jeff say "preset" your arms, its the same "put/squeeze your arms in the same position of a bench press?

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  16. when i do this workout, i mainly feel my triceps being workout, not my chest… do i need to strengthen my triceps more before i start feeling it in my upperchest?

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