Basic Workout Routine Ideas | Gym Workout

Basic Workout Routine Ideas | Gym Workout

42 thoughts on “Basic Workout Routine Ideas | Gym Workout

  1. 1:15
    He says "so now you've done one round of eeeverything that you need to do for your body, now I want you to go through that same circuit 4 times and you'll be done with all the muscular work that you actually need." What did he exactly mean by that? Am I supposed to take Ex. 1 12 reps, only ONE set and jump to Ex. 2 and so on? I just take exercises one by one, 3 sets at a time. I'm not a beginner so maybe this ain't for me.

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  3. I'm used to the P90X but I now have no room to do it at my home.
    Since I will be going to the gym, I was wondering. Is it better to concentrate on one muscle group per day as in P90X and other workout DVD's? I'm trying to tone up, lose weight but also gain muscle mass.

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  12. Really could workout thanks allot also compound exercises are a really good way to work more than one part of you body without realising such as a pull up press up squat etc.

  13. I'm assuming light weights with good form for beginners? I find it intimidating with regards to which routine to do and follow. Knowledge of what to work out and how is difficult for me.

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