Basic Crane Hand Signals | Sims Crane Minute

Basic Crane Hand Signals | Sims Crane Minute

[Sims Crane rentals specializes in full service crane and rigging operations.] [circus music playing – this crane operator and his signalman are having communication trouble] Hi, I’m Bob Berry Good communication between a crane operator and the signal-person is one of the most important things to consider when making a crane lift under OSHA guidelines all signal-persons must be qualified and understand the functions of the crane, and the correct signals for those functions a basic crane is designed to hoist lower and horizontally move a suspended load most cranes move the load to the crane or away from the crane by moving the boom up and down to signal the operator to boom up extend one arm making a closed fist with your thumb extended upward likewise, turn your hand over, so your thumb points downward to signal the operator to boom down keep in mind this also affects the load radius making it shorter or longer to increase or decrease the load radius without raising or lowering the load open and close your fist slowly while making the boom up or boom down signal this indicates to the operator that he should boom up and lower or boom down and raise the load cranes can also swing a suspended load horizontally to swing the crane, extend one arm in the direction the crane should swing pointing in that direction with the index finger to raise or lower the load using the hoist functions point downward or upward using the index finger and making a circular motion to stop a function extend one arm to your side and move your hand horizontally to the ground for an emergency stop, use both arms when working with cranes featuring telescopic booms the boom may be extended or retracted, by also using hand signals to do this, place both hands in front of you with your fists closed and thumbs extended pointing outward to extend the boom or pointing inward to retract the boom these are just a few of the most basic hand signals every qualified signal-person must know before flagging for crane operations accorind to OSHA 1926.1400 regulations regarding cranes and derricks only a qualified person that understands the signals and functions of a crane may signal for a crane lift and remember proper planning proper training and good communication alsways makes for a safe lift look for our next Sims Crane Minute Coming soon! Sims Crane rentals specializes in full service crane and rigging operations. With the highest availability of safe and reliable cranes in Florida you can count on Sims Crane Our crane operators are NCCCO certified with four years of apprenticeship training and school Call Sims Crane for a rental quote today!

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