Bad Instagram: The Abs Of Brent Rivera

Bad Instagram: The Abs Of Brent Rivera

What’s up, Greg it’s me Danny, back with another episode of: The show where I review everybody’s abs on Instagram. Guys, it’s no secret that Instagram comedy is just terrible. I don’t wanna make any like huge generalizations here, but about 98% of Instagram comedy is just garbage. You know it. I know it. He knows it. But you know what? I kinda like it. Instragram is a place you can go and just scroll endlessly through, cringy instagram account after cringy Instagram account. And honestly, that’s how I spend a lot of my free time. Is just scrolling through cringy Instagram accounts. And that’s how I found Brent Rivera. Well actually, I found Brent Rivera before. He used to be super popular on Vine but then Vine died and I forgot about him for like two years. And then all of a sudden, his Instagram video started popping up on my explore page. Instragram has a lot of different genres of comedy videos. There’s like “race comedy,” and “gender comedy.” Where people are like, “girls are like this, and boys are like this!” Brent Rivera’s Instragram videos are what I like to call, “ab comedy.” It’s a genre that I think Brent Rivera made up where basically, he finds any excuse to take off his shirt in a video and show off his abs, and then also there’s a joke in there, somewhere. Like this video for example, it’s called, “My sister walked in on me dancing.” *Brent’s sister shushes camera* *Beyonce’s “Who Run The World” plays in background* *Laughter*
Brent: “Lexi! Get out! Lexi: “Oh my god.” Brent: “Get out!” Man, *laughs*, I don’t know about you guys, but that seemed real to me, right? *laughs* It’s that, it’s that classic scenario that everybody has where you just got out of the shower and your hair is dry and you’re wearing socks and you decide to just start blasting some music and you’re dancing in your room. And then your sister, who knows you just got out of the shower decides to barge in, on, in your room filming. She doesn’t know if you’re naked or not. All she hears is the music blasting from your room. So, she just bursts in there and just records whatever happens. I also like that she shushes the camera before she goes in. *shushes* That’s like one of my favorite things that happens in fake prank videos They’re holding the phone, and they’re like SHHH As if when she walks into the room I could be like BRENT, LOOK OUT! *Tim Allen grunt sound* Okay, here’s another one of his videos It’s called, “when your friends are as weird as you.” And as you can tell by the thumbnail probably Uh, this is gonna end with all of their shirts being off. So, let’s check it out. Brent: “Hello? Is anyone home?” *Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” plays in background* Alright, right away, he got, he cut to the chase real fast. He’s like “gotta take off my shirt, BOOP.” Just, uh, look at those ABS. Rock hard. Steel abs. And real skinny arms. *laughs* His workout routine must be like a 1,000 sit ups and nothing else. He’s so skinny, but his abs are just So fine. *Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” plays in background* Does anybody do this when they’re home alone? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of videos where this joke happens. Like, somebody’s home alone So all of a sudden, they just go crazy. Does anybody do that? At most, I’ll like walk around in my underwear when nobody’s home But I’m never like tying a fucking cape on And thrusting about. I’ve never done that. Never will, probably. *Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” plays in background* *music cuts off* Uh oh! His friends were home! And two of them are twins, wearing the exact same shirt. What the fuck is that all about? *Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” plays once more in the background* Oh, but his friends are just as weird as him and now they’re all dancing with their shirts off. Brent Rivera took ab comedy to the next level in this one. He was like “wait a minute!” “All my videos have just one six pack in them.” “Why don’t I show all my friends’ six packs too?” *Applause and cheering* This video has five million views. So, that’s the video, um they just dance They have a little choreographed dance that they do uh, cause they’re all just so weird. Man, Brent Rivera is so quirky and cool! And his abs are hot! His abs are real hot. It’s kinda sad that it’s so obvious that his thought process when making this video is like, “I have to appeal to 11 year old girls but I’m not very funny so I’m just gonna try to make a joke but really, just be shirtless in the end and that’s really what’s going to be the thing that makes people like my videos.” Um, his abs are hot though. So know you’re probably thinking, “Ok Danny that was a really interesting video where all of his friends were dancing shirtless. But I feel like it was missing something. Is there a part two to that video?” And yes, there is a part two. And thank you for bringing it up actually, I was trying to figure out how I was gonna transition into the next video and that exchange really helped, so Thank you. Okay, here it is. *Brent Rivera: “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want.” *Random shirtless dude 1: “So tell me what you want…” OOH. Shirtless guy! Two seconds into the video we got a shirtless guy coming through the door. *Random shirtless dude 1: “Tell me what you want, what you really really want.” *Random shirted dude 2: I’ll you want I want-” *Random shirted dude 3: What I really really want.” *Spice Girls “Wannabe” plays in the background.* So those are his Instragram videos He does have a Youtube channel too I just found this video that he made It’s called, “The Six Types Of Friends That You Have.” It outlines the, you know, the six kinds of friends that everybody has. Everybody has this exact specific type of six friends. Right off the bat, I know this is bullshit. We already know that Brent only has three friends. And two of them are the same fucking person. But let’s just hear him out, let’s see what he’s got. *Brent Rivera: “Every friend group has these friends.” *static noise* *Brent: “So basically, today I’m gonna be showing you guys different types of friends that every friend group has. *Brent (in wig): “Uh question! How can you make this video if you don’t have any friends?” Dissed. Buuurned. TORCHED. *Brent: “I do too have friends!” *Brent (in wig): “Okay, whatever you say! Pfhh!” *Brent: “Pfhh, alright, so let’s get into this video! Woo!” *Fitz and the Tantrums “HandClap” plays in background* *Brent: “Alright, so the first type of friend is the prankster.” “Now this friend cannot go one day without pranking someone.” Okay. No. That’s already wrong. I don’t have that kind of friend. I don’t have a prankster friend. Who has a prankster friend? *Brent: “Whether they lie about a story…” *Brent: “Hey dude, what’s wrong?” *Prankster friend: “My dog died today.” *Brent: “Oh dang, dude, I’m sorry.” *Prankster friend: “Yeah, I’m just kidding with ya!” *claps* *Prankster friend: “Gotcha!” *Brent: “Well yeah!” OOOOOOH PRANKED. I told you one thing, and then I said “Just kidding.” Pranked. Call me Joey Salads. We all have that one friend that just lies all the time. *Brent: “Or this person can be very physical with their pranks like this.” *Prankster friend: Hey Brent, you see something in this water bottle?” “Look.” *Brent: “What, where?”
*Prankster friend: “Right here.” *Prankster friend: “You see it?”
*Brent: Right there?” *Nicki Watkins “The Joke is On You” plays in background* We all have that one friend that’s always putting banana peels on the ground. His name is Donkey Kong. LIfe is just one big, fucking Mario Kart. *Nicki Watkins “The Joke is On You” plays in background* Why do these twins have to match? Why do the twins match? Okay, yeah, I’m done watching that video. Alright guys, well I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re not Greg yet, Greg is our family here on Youtube. We’re the strongest fanbase on the Internet. If you wanna join Greg, just subscribe and hit that notification button, and you will be Greg. Also, I just launched a new merch store. It is now, DannyGonzalez.Store. You can go and cop your Greg merch. I’m gonna be updating it even more with some newer, cooler merch. So, if you wanna show the world that you’re truly Greg, head on over to DannyGonzalez.Store and cop your merch. Thank you “Ugly Me” for turning on your notifications. You are truly Greg. I will see you guys next time with another very funny video. Bye.

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  3. Criticizing people on doing something they love will get you nowhere "Danny". So how about you find something to do that brings joy to the world and which doesn't break other people down, k ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. O God…. like 50% – 80% of Brent Rivera's fans must be those crazy bitches freaking out over a shirtless dude, especially when HE GOT THOSE ABS!!!

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    There names are Alex and Alan

    And then the other dude is Ben,Lexiโ€™s boyfriend

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  7. Don't you just hate it when you get out of the shower and your hair is dry and you have socks on and you're dancing and your sister comes in and she's filming?

  8. i followed brent rivera on instagram for a week but then my sister found out and made fun of me, so i unfollowed him. thank you, tori, for making fun of me, because brent rivera is fucking annoying

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    Btw the reason why I made Brent the like was bc I don't feel like begging for likes but Imma beg for replies

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