Arnold Classic Prep | Akim Williams’ Detail Back Workout

Arnold Classic Prep | Akim Williams’ Detail Back Workout

Alright guys so we’re about to do a back
workout at elite supplement facility out here in Pompton Lakes New Jersey
today is actually my light back day so I’m here with the infamous supersonic DJ
supersonic my back trainer we’ve been training back and everything like
that for a long time now so me and him are gonna go through my usual Tuesday
back workout and uh show you guys what we do so I start with like a low cable
row just to warm up my back you know work on my lower back a little bit cuz
when I do all the heavy movement it’s more like mid-back upper back and stuff
like that so today I try to focus a little bit on my lower back basically I train back twice a week I
do a heavy day which is on Saturday and I light day which is on Tuesday so the
light day I would do all the little stuff that I wouldn’t do on a Saturday
like Saturday I’ll do like the deadlifts the bent over rows and stuff like that
today pretty much just all isolations stuff like all cable movements and stuff
like that so that’s the way I train back what this movement is basically like a
incline cable row movement basically using the cables to isolate the upper
back so it’s just like doing a bent over rows except you’re doing it from a more
stable position more isolated position that way you just target the mid and
upper back just constant tension on the upper back and mid-back so it’s a great
movement for if you want to build that thickness in your upper and mid back my calories are a lot lower plus my rest
between sets is a lot less so I’m a little bit more winded you know not as
energized as I want to be but if you don’t feel like this right now
you definitely doing something wrong you know these are a little bit more conventional
they work more for your outer lats cause you’re doing like a pulley handle
movements so you’re able to open up a little bit so if you look at bodybuilding you
do a back lats spread you wanna open up so I use these to help me open up my
lats more so after doing the row movement then I use something to help me open up my
lats and this movement I think works really well with achieving that goal we
do three or four sets but uh 15 straight and then 10 to 15 partial alright guys so we’re presently doing a
dumbbell bent over rows I like to do them double handed versus the single
arms because it’s just like doing the barbell dumbbell rows except the range
of motion is better you get a better stretch and everything like that so
that’s what I do with dumbbells with a barbell you could go a little bit
heavy and put less stress on your spine and stuff like that with the dumbbells
you gotta be very careful how much 160s needs some love that’s what he
said yeah I’m gonna kill myself yeah I feel like my form wasn’t the best that’s why I stopped I mean when I’m
looking at the video now it didn’t look that bad you look pretty good but I don’t
want to injure myself so you know I I got a few reps in that’s good enough so the next moment which is behind
the neck lat pulldown I like this as a finishing movement when you pre-exhaust
the lats the mid-back and everything like that you use this just drive the
nail in and really finish off the back so always try to do rear lat pull-downs
at the end of the workout my range of motion is not the best I try
to go as low as I can but uh definitely a lot of guys when you get as big as I
do that range of motion for behind the neck pull downs or behind the neck
presses it’s horrible but I still try to do them alright guys you just witnessed us a
kill a back workout a light back workout it’s a wrap for back day and uh
catch you guys tomorrow for legs

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  2. Liked his rope workouts in the first of the excercise, but I think u can't go heavy in behind the neck pull down,it's seems to be a difficult excercise !

  3. Muscle & Strength, Great Full day of eating videos, Eating is V imp., Very few channel stress on it, One is yrs,
    Love Muscle & Stength, Luv frm India

  4. Something eerily satisfying about seeing such ginormous back muscles contract over and over again, lol, it's just so beautiful idk. Absolute beast!

  5. I cringe every time a video comes in my feed titled to the effect that if you want a great back do this , and there aren't rowing movements. A bunch of chin ups and various grip pull downs. lol Poor young 'uns coming up these days.

  6. Brother. You. have been training long time you are. not. getting. bigger get big hakim 🙏❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. 💟🏳️‍🌈🥇Beautiful and More!‼️💚🌍🌏🌎MAGNIFICENT Human Forever!❗️💜

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