Am I Too Young to Lift Weights? Stunt Growth Myth!

Am I Too Young to Lift Weights? Stunt Growth Myth!

What’s goin’ on guys? Shane and Ant here with another fightTIPS Quick Tip. So in this video were doing another myth busting episode. We’re talking about are you too young to be lifting weights. but first we gotta get some shout outs to the people who helped donate and create Projects Underdogs! Alright, let’s start off with my man Matthew! Yes, we gotta give a shout out to Saira also give a shout out to Devin. Stephen Orris, my Twitter follower! Pierre, the man! And Christian — thank you guys so much for donating. So the topic at hand now is: are you too young to be lifting weights?
This is a question and I get far too often and I even get from sixteen, seventeen
year old kids that say: “Shane, I heard on too young and too small, I’m not fully developed yet, I shouldn’t be lifting weights, right? It may stunt my growth.” It’s not true. Okay, if you’re lifting incredibly heavy weights, with terrible form, then yeah you may injure something. But no, you’re not going to injure any growth plates in you’re doing high repetition, if you’re doing 12-20 reps of something, if you’re doing bicep curls I mean you’re picking up heavy school bags when you’re six-years-old going to school right? So picking up stuff like that it’s not
gonna hurt you. If you’re exercising good form, If you know how to do your exercises correctly, you should absolutely be lifting weights. you could be 7, 8, 9 years old and that may be a little bit young, you should probably doing things that are a little more entertaining like a sport
or something like that, but if you’re into it and you wanna be lifting at the
age of 11 or 12 or 13, yeah I was doing it and you know I’m 5’8. Ant was doing it, and he’s what? 5’10? 5’10. He’s a little bit taller than me, but I mean no, it’s not going to stunt your growth unless you do those heavy lifts and=you do it with bad form. Maybe avoid the deadlifts until you’re a little bit older, or heavy squats. Something like that. Some other myths we got a bust’em. Send it to us on Twitter @fighttips Make sure you SUBSCRIBE before your opponent does. Until next time: I’m Shane with fightTIPS. I’m Ant. Self Defense for the Underdogs.

99 thoughts on “Am I Too Young to Lift Weights? Stunt Growth Myth!

  1. I'd rather my kid lift weights than eat junk food and play video games all day. I'd prefer bodyweight stuff for safety, but I wouldn't be against lifting.

  2. At the end, Ant was probably saying in his head, "ugh finally it's over" lol then he walks away

  3. Hey Shane my friends that go to the gym often are shorter than average.When i was about 10,11,12 I carried about 8 or 9 kg schoolbags,this was heavier than most other people because I liked to have everything I needed.Now im shorter than average too and my spine is curved a little to the left.What are your thoughts on this?It might just be a coincidence but Id like to hear what you think as well.

  4. Every time I am about to get into a fight, I begin to shake, then when they hit me I just can't do anything. I feel weak, my body won't allow me to hit back, and I don't know what to do. Please help?

  5. Hey Shane! I got a question, what are some of the best and easy to do acrobatic kicks to start off beginners?

  6. Hi Shane and Ant, what do you say to people who don't do any type of fighting but are in a street fight situation

  7. ahhh, Thank you for busting this one.  Cuz that was one I believed that I never researched yet.  XD  Wasn't going to worry unless I had kids of my own or I was interesting with children in regards to fitness.

  8. Good, now i can stop worrying about me working my future sons ass off, shit ima make him do wall push ups in his sleep!

  9. My theory would be lifting could actually help your growth instead of stunt it. Because you are working your muscles and causing them to grow which promotes healthiness and your immune system so shouldn't it help your growth? I dunno. Just a thought.

  10. This myth is half true half false. Depends on what lifting weight means. It's best to not lift weights that involves your back or spine such as squats or dead lifts. Lifting weights like with your hands/forearm/arm, bicep, or chest will be fine because it doesn't target you cartilage that is between each bone of your vertebrata. Bicep curl and bench press as much as you want!(Don't skip leg day tho) The cartilage would wear off or erode if compressed with heavy weights highly possible of decreasing your height. Having bad form while squatting will not only cause damage, or not gain stats, but will probably cause an uneven balance in your posture. Having good form will show lots of gains and will not cause as much damage but will short of compress your vertebrata. Now gaining height also comes from your legs where there is empty space in your tibia that your bone will grow to occupy until there is no more. So make sure not to break your tibia possibly denying you of your growth!

  11. Actually doing weight lifting and working out in general makes you grow, a lot, i remember when i started i was like 14-15 1,58 m i was like one of the smallest in class, after i started in summer i went to like 1,70's m everyone got surprised, now im 19 1,85m and my parents both stopped at 1,60's m

  12. Hey Shane, is it better to workout in the morning when you wake up or a couple of hours before you go to sleep
    Thanks Akshay

  13. I think 10 should be the mininum age to start lifting, its just wierd and disturbing seeing a 6 year old with a six pack n shit

  14. Thanks Shane for the vid people always told me lifting weights would stunt my growth but now I know it won't I'm gonna start to

  15. @fightTIPS I'm 12 and i'm doing Dumbbell Bench Press with 10 kg dumbbell in each hand, what means it's 20 kgs. Is it okay for my age? I really want to have that body…lol

  16. tbh with you you should start lifting when your round about 15, when youve developed enough physically. before then you should be more into calisthenics or sports in general. half those kids in the videos will probably die from steroid abuse by 30

  17. I'm 14 and I lift 1 dumb bell of 20 pounds but my cousin says I should stop because I won't grow anymore ): I'm 5'5 right now Is it going to affect me? Please reply

  18. I am 12 and bench 55 pounds but my max is 75 pounds and my brother is always there because he thought me stuff like when he lifted weights. Is my lifting considered heavy weights my curl is 45 pounds but I worked up to i didn't start with 25 Dumbells I started with 15s

  19. 5'8" is average for a male these days. That said, i did not work out as a kid and im 6'2". I did however eat my vegetables…so…

  20. No no no fake my dads a doctor he said I can't lift cause I'm 14 he said that if I do it my whole body will be saggy when I'm 21+ lol

  21. Hey shane,i am short in height and I am 19 years old and my height is 5.7 and I want to increase my height by 2-3 inches till the age of 21
    Please give me some tips to increase height and suggest me some exercises to increase height please

  22. Shane, have you ever made a video about dumbbell exercise and/or calisthenic exercise to enhance our punching strength? Thanks 🙂

  23. I'm 14 5'7" last year I was 5'4" I stopped doing weight because I felt my body was stuck and couldn't stretch or grow

  24. Hi Shane, i'm not English and I did not understand you in the video. I want to know if i can do gym at 14 years. People say that i'm so young to do it (i have 45kg, 1.54 height). Thanks Shane 🙂 I want your opinion

  25. I started lifting at the age of 11. I was 5'3. I would say I am pretty muscular, (not incredibly buff), I am currently 13 and 5'8 1/2.

  26. I still wouldn't want my son doing it until about 16. He'll be more mature. and his hormones will be through the damn roof by then. He'll be doing lots of light shoulder presses until his form is a1 until he will move to a heavier weight. 95% of injuries from lifting come from 2 things. weakness points. and technique.

  27. You lifted weights at a young age, yet you're still short… I'm not convinced. I'll ask a real Doctor or personal trainer next chance I get.

  28. The message to parents: If you want your kids to excel in sports, you need to start them young. Of course, beyond developing specific skills—such as throwing, kicking, and swinging—improving strength, power, and speed are key components of sports performance training.

  29. The National Association of Sports Medicine says children should NOT lift weights for several very good reasons. This is very bad advice to give your viewers.

  30. I went to a Doctor (a specialist on the growth subject) and she told me i couldn't lift weights anymore. I actually cried when she told me that 🙁 I haven't lifted in about a year now.
    PD: I'm 17 now

  31. Im almost 14 (at 4 april) and im going to go to the gym this week so im going to start. First i want to lose like 5-10 kilos then i want to start weight lifting. So you guys are 100% shure it doesnt stunt ,

  32. isn't it funny how people say weigh training wont stunt your growth but they are incredibly short them self's?im 16 and im 5 9 i have been lifting heavy since i was 14 but it has been so inconsistent and the funny thing is i grow when i don't lift weights( i take like 2 month breaks when i get bored of weight lifting) but still my p e teacher says it doesn't make you short but he's 5 3. these dudes are 5 9 and 5 10 wtf

  33. I play soccer at this University and we were moving one of the big goals and the top left part of my back hurts like hell.

  34. I am 11 years old 5 feet 7 inches 215 pounds and wen people were sting on the lunch tables I lift it up do you think I can do deadlift that way 310 or more

  35. Do you have to cut your hair in order to fight better. Because in Shoilen Temple in those shave there head bald to learn kung fu.

  36. 6'3 14 years old started lifting heavy when i was 12 years old.Doing deadlifts , squats , benchpress , overhead presses , olympic weightlifting. I dont see a damm fucking reason why it would stun ur growth.

  37. It's all about nutrition, both of my parents are around 5ft and I'm about to hit 6, I eat foods that help my body and I lift weights, not to mention that a few days of lifting has actually caused me to gain a bit of height.

  38. hey shane , can I do dumbells exercises ?? Im 13 yrs old and anyone who has an advise for me feel free to reply !! Thankyou.

  39. I'm tall for my age and I'm still growing Yh and I started lifting weights and cause of it I got stretch marks wtf I look lke a pregnant women can som 1 tell me wtd

  40. I started lifting weights 3 months ago, and I am getting a lot of results, I am 15,5ft7 and 60 kg , can I still grow to like 5'9? My dad is 5'11 and My mom 5'4, please help me! 💪

  41. I’m 11 yrs old and I started weightlifting at 9. I lift dumbbells weighing 5 lbs or 8 lbs. Can it stunt my growth as an 11 year old and a 4”9 kid? (Yeah im small)

  42. My 9 yr old does boxing

    And chin ups
    Power push ups
    Jumping twists
    And standing long jumps

    All these are enough for kids to develop athletic abilities

  43. Iv been lifting weights as soon as I could walk… I could sqaut 300lb by 9 years old and I'm 20 years old now im 6'2

  44. Starting lifting weights from a young age IS dangerous, not because of the potential to stunt growth, but because of the potential to do nerve damage, particularly in your hands and fingers. If you start with bodyweight exercises, you can mitigate this risk to a degree. However, I started an intensive daily exercise regime at 7 years old, centered almost exclusively around bodyweight exercises, and now that I m in my twenties, the nerve damage has become extensive, significantly reducing my ability to use my hands, and causing me compounding pain if I persist in any activity that requires dexterity, for more than about 30 mins. (Such as drawing writing, or playing an instrument). Part of the reason I ve developed this problem is my unusual persistence when training, but significantly conditioning muscles that have not finished naturally developing ABSOLUTELY CAN cause a permanent version of a repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are going to start ANY workout regimen at a pre-adult age, you run the risk of developing a permanent injury/condition, so always be careful when you re training out there, guys…

  45. If the idea is to put on size and mass then I'd say 16 plus is okay, a 6 year old with a 6 year old frame isn't going to become huge.

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