Abs Workout for Women at Home Without Equipment

Abs Workout for Women at Home Without Equipment

– Hey guys in today’s video,
we are doing an ab workout for women at home with no equipment. This is one of my favorite routines that I’ve been doing recently because it really helps
build up your core strength, definition and also get either
abs that you are looking for. If you guys also wanna know the best diet and training program for you, then don’t forget to check out the quiz in the description box below. (upbeat electronic music) Okay guys, so let’s begin on our backs, roll back nice and slow and the first move that you’re going into is in our abs, 20. So bring that knee in
and out, in, kick out, nice and controlled room to exhale every single time you bring
that knee towards the chest. (upbeat electronic music) Keep going nice and controlled, keep those toes pointed,
navel sucked into the spine. (upbeat electronic music) Amazing work, next move
you’re gonna have your feet on the floor and all you’re gonna do is alternate your hand up and down. So you want to palm facing
forward, pushing down, a single handed crunch. (upbeat electronic music) Excellent job, for the next move, you’re gonna touch the
outside of your ankles, twisting round, really getting
those obliques involved. You want to make sure that
your shoulder blades are coming off of the floor and
you’re getting your hand as close to your ankle as possible. (upbeat electronic music) That’s it, keep twisting round and tap. (upbeat electronic music) Excellent job, now you’re
gonna be in an angle. You’re gonna raise your foot up and down. It’s gonna be in a diagonal. Keep that leg nice and
straight, toes pointed, nice and controlled. Bring it up and down. Keep that head up at all times, you want it in a crunch position. Other side, up and down. Toes pointed, navel sucked in. (upbeat electronic music) Now let’s go back to the same position. You’re gonna swing the leg
and bring it into a crunch. So in, crunch, down, swing. This action is gonna help to
engage the entire lower abs and the side of your obliques. So swing, crunch, down, swing. That’s it, we’re gonna be
doing 10 per side of these. (upbeat electronic music) Switch sides, crunch, down, swing. That’s it, keep going, keep breathing. Make sure it’s a crunch with an exhale. (upbeat electronic music) Great job, now you’re gonna
do controlled leg swings. The same position, but
keep those legs nice and straight, toes pointed. Do not let that foot touch the floor. Swing and close, open
and close, that’s it. Keep that navel sucked in. (upbeat electronic music) Switch sides. (upbeat electronic music) For the next move, I want
you to cross your legs and come up in a crunch position. Up and down, up and down. (upbeat electronic music) So really squeeze and lift
up here on this crunch. (upbeat electronic music) Switch sides. Up and down, that’s it, keep going. (upbeat electronic music) Excellent work, now butterfly crunches. Keep it going nice and
fast, so up and down, up and down, that’s it. Really engage that core,
squeeze those ab muscles, exhale on the crunch up. (upbeat electronic music) Hold it here and pulse. (upbeat electronic music) And for the final move,
I want your legs up and I want you to drop one leg at a time. So drop the leg, come up,
drop the leg, come up. Make sure to engage your entire core by staying in a crunch
position the entire time. So up, drop one leg, up, drop
one neck and you are finished. So guys, if you liked
this ab workout for women at home with no equipment
then don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. Just click on the subscribe button below and if you wanna know the
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to check out the quiz in the description box. Now I want to hear from you guys, how did you find this ab workout? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat electronic music)

59 thoughts on “Abs Workout for Women at Home Without Equipment

  1. Yass I was just thinking of post my “ab” routine on my channel, I’ve been doing some of your workouts and girl it’s working ??

  2. I’m so out of shape but hoping this will get me back in shape. I do have a question. I get spasms in my abs after my work how. How do o prevent these? Or will they go away once my abs get stronger? Thank you!

  3. I JUST found your video and did a workout. I have a question – do you recommend doing a few videos in a day or just one video per day that targets whatever section we're aiming for? I have no workout background so I feel like I don't know where to start or what to do in that terms.

  4. Just tell us what time would be the best for doing. Empty stomach or having after food. Just be specific next time if you can?

  5. You are a very inspiering woman and i love that i can do this at home and without equipment. One day soon im acctually gonna start working out after about 15 years of lazyness. And your videos are the ones im gonna follow


  7. I LOVE your videos. I will definitely try this workout ???
    Please make a video on how to do vaccum exercises ?

  8. Thanks a lot for posting these amazing and helpful workouts ??? Your workouts have helped me a lot to shed fat and achieve my body goals???
    LOVE YOU???

  9. Hey Holly could you do some more full body workouts. Abs, legs, bums and arms?! Love your workouts so much, they have really helped me get fitter and stronger ?

  10. ?many thanks for the videos! I love to get varied exercises through you.?That's how my muscles never get bored! really great! keep it up!!!???

  11. Holly I am going to try the for a week and let you know how it going I love all your workout's because it makes me want to workout more so I think you ?????❤❤????

  12. Gonna do this workout routine for at least 3 weeks! I’ll update daily!

    Day 1: Wow this burned! Really liked it cuz it has really unique workouts- not like those usual ones where you just crunch and repeat.

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