ABS: The ONLY TWO Workouts You Need To Build A Six-Pack! | UPPER, LOWER & OBLIQUES!

ABS: The ONLY TWO Workouts You Need To Build A Six-Pack! | UPPER, LOWER & OBLIQUES!

What’s going on Nation? And welcome back to the only two series now if this is your first time seeing this series We’ve basically covered every muscle group in the body Showcasing the only two exercises you need to build muscle for each muscle group So if you missed any of the previous videos and want to try those workouts Click the link above to view the entire playlist. However, we haven’t had a chance to cover Abs yet And after today, you’ll no longer feel like you’re wasting your time training them in the gym But the reason this video title is only two workouts and not only two Exercises like the other videos in this series is because only two exercises isn’t really enough to train your abs properly to properly train your abs for growth You need to break up their basic functions into five categories and then perform at least one exercise for each function, but you don’t have to perform these five exercises all in one workout guys Which is why I will be providing you with two but before we get started Be sure to tap that like button if you enjoy my videos subscribe and make sure that your bell notification is set to all and not occasional YouTube is very sneaky and most likely changed your settings without you knowing it So make sure you double check and I’ll post a link in my pin comment below that’ll take you right to your subscriptions page So make sure you check it out. Now. Let’s go over the exercises for the workout starting with my favorite Ab pulldown so this exercise falls under the first category Which is going to be torso flexion and there are a few alternatives You can try if you don’t have access to a cable machine Like a weighted crunch or a weighted sit-up but the ab pulldown in particular is the best in its league This is because it helps you go through a much larger range of motion and it’s a lot easier to overload with because all you need to do to add more weight is add more weight to the stack next up is the wood chopper And this is a classic core exercise that requires torso rotation while your lower body remains fixed in place But make sure the cable is at core height or slightly below guys, if the cable is too high, it will throw off the entire movement also Keep in mind that you can switch things up by lowering the cable for low to high chop Or you can raise the cable for a high to low chop, but keep in mind though there Is that weird In-between space you can do a high to low But if you’re trying to do the regular would chopper and the cables a little bit too high. It’s not gonna work So it’s either all the way up or right in the middle So exercise number one involved flexing your spine with your legs stiff now it’s time to raise your legs with your upper body Remaining fixed in place and the best exercise to do that is the leg lift now you can perform this movement with your knees bent or straight and you can do it hanging from a pull-up bar or By using a dip station, but for those of you who want to make it even more intense you can also overload on this exercise by holding a dumbbell between your feet or attaching some ankle weights Exercise number four is the lying windshield wiper Now if you remember from the second exercise the woodchopper involved twisting your upper body while your hips stayed square But this time you’re going to do the opposite your upper body will be fixed to the ground while your legs will move side-to-side Just like a windshield wiper. You can also perform this movement while hanging from a bar And while this variation is much more difficult I know if you all keep training hard, you’ll be able to do it in no time The fifth and final exercise is the standing oblique crunch guys One of the main functions of your abs is to also bend your spine to each side and we can train that function by performing standing or lying side crunches if standing you’ll simply hold the dumbbell in one hand and Crunch from left to right and then once all reps are complete You’ll switch hands with the dumbbell and crunch from right to left If on the ground be sure to follow the same guidelines to perform all your crunches on one side before switching to the other But whichever one you choose be sure to avoid going into an anterior pelvic Tilt while crunching because that can cause lower back pain and a future injury Now for the actual routines here is how I would split them up Workout 1 you’re gonna start with an ab pulldown 6 sets of 12 repetitions and then you’re gonna do the standing oblique crunch 4 sets 12 reps per side resting only about 60 seconds max between sets and Exercises as for workout two you’re gonna start out with the leg lift 6 sets of 12 repetitions And then you’re gonna follow that up with the woodchopper 3 sets of 12 reps per side and then the laying windshield-wiper 3 sets 12 reps per side So as you can see on day one We’re focusing a lot more on the rectus abdominis hitting that ab pulldown going as heavy as we can and I work all day two we’re really hammering the obliques and again, resting only about 60 seconds max between sets and exercises on day 2 as well do each workout once a week and just wait and see how much more defined your abs become guys because Everyone else who would rather complain and hide behind false ideologies like you don’t have to train your abs is just going to be getting left behind and I’m not here to trick you into thinking that you can make gains without Working hard. That’s just not going to happen So if you’re willing to put in the work and want to start eating and training right Maybe it’s time you finally downloaded my app muscular strength use the code MS7 and try any of my muscle building programs and custom meal planner for seven days free These videos and workouts on YouTube are just the tip of the iceberg guys what’s available to you on my app is next level I hope you all have a great day and as always more good stuff coming soon Check out the rest of the videos in my ONLY TWO series by clicking the playlist link over here And after you try that workout Your whole outlook on what it actually takes to build muscle will change forever and you’ll quickly start to see just how much time you’re wasting with all these instant garbage fluff workouts floating around

81 thoughts on “ABS: The ONLY TWO Workouts You Need To Build A Six-Pack! | UPPER, LOWER & OBLIQUES!

  1. ABS are not magical. They don't just "appear" because you lowered your bodyfat. That's stupid. For ABS to POP and show you need to TRAIN THEM! Anyone who says otherwise is fake natty trash or trains ABS and just doesn't tell you because… reasons. YES we all have abs, just like we all have biceps and chest muscles. They show up with a low bodyfat percentage. But if not trained, they still look SMALL & WEAK right? Well, the same goes for your abs and these workouts are super easy to follow and don't take long at all so HIT THEM HAHHHD!

    Download my app and try any of my Muscle Building Programs and Meal Planner for 7 Days FREE! – CODE: MS7

  2. SCOTT guess how insane my gym is? They have a cable machine but they have big sign there saying "NO cable crunches" . Secondly, they use to have two BAHHBELL but they took one away because apparently people were leaving them in the incorrect spot.

    That's right. 1 BAHHBELL.

  3. Can you make a video on neck training, sometimes my neck looks huge, but when i ammilitary pressing i looks like a twig, training tips ?

  4. Is this a good linear progression program?

    Andre Pull Push 4 Day Program

    Deadlift 2×6
    Barbell row 3×8
    RDL 3×8
    Chin up 2×8
    Shrug 2×10
    Barbell curl 2×10
    Face pull 2×12

    Squat 3×8
    Bench 3×8
    OHP 2×8
    Lunge 2×8
    Incline bench 2×8
    Skull crusher 2×12
    Lateral raise 2×12
    BB calf raise 2×10

  5. Those are my rep targets and I can add weight when I hit the required sets and reps and drop the reps when I add weight, can I make good progress using these rep ranges, or are they too high?

  6. Awesome.
    I have never seen these exercises. Can’t wait to try them. I have been eating for a good abs program. All I do is crunches, leg raises and side crunches. This increases my options. Thanks.

  7. I love watching your videos and every time you yell but before we get stahted makes me so happy. Thank you Scott. I was 1 of those peeps that done stuff wrong cause of the videos on Youtube. =)

  8. Hey Scott, would you recommend taking amino acids w/ energy complex before workouts? I take a protein shake when I get home from the gym always.

  9. Excellent job Scott!
    I'd like to hear your opinion about other fitness youtubers,like Colossus Fitness,Buff Dudes and Jeremy Ethier.

  10. @ScottHermanFitness
    Hey man are you able to quickly suggest how to put all of your exercises from "The Only Two" Series into a weekly schedule?? I'd say I'm a beginner/intermediate lifter. Would really appreciate!!

  11. I'm already doing Jeff Cavaliers Athlean x abs workouts from the Athlean X Ab App, good video anyways. I do need some help on my side chest though.

  12. 90% of trainer all over the world dnt recommend side dumbell bend even one side with dumbell like u r doing in video, scott kindly elaborate or make video on it pls bro, love from india💪

  13. I've been doing the woodchoppers and ab pulldown at the cable station ever since you posted videos of them years ago. Good stuff, Scotty! 🙂

  14. I’ve incorporated the ab pull down & the woodchopper into my workouts last year. I love them & they are mainstays in my workouts. One thing w/ the Ab Pull-downs is that after the straight pulldowns Scott does here, you can move your lower body left & right to really target either side as well.

  15. Damn how did I miss this but anyway let get starrrrrhted because instafluffers and their gaaaarbaaaage fitness channels is so naaaaaart for me. Nope! I look forward to watching your next video Scott💪

  16. Scott,

    Why do some people think doing weighted Ab movements builds your love handles and doesn’t slim your waist? Example weighted standing side crunches and cable flexion movement?

  17. Very nice video, Scott. I think I am going to incorporate these workouts into my rest days to incorporate more weighted ab strengthening to my training. I've been training abs for at least 5 days for the past year and a half using dumbbells, hanging leg variations, and the physioball. However, overloading the rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis with extra resistance really adds a whole new level of stimuli that left me sore for a couple of days. Definitely gonna do it more often now in addition to my daily ab work.

  18. Can ypu advise how heavy to go pn woodchopper? I load up pretty heavy and it hurts my right knee only for some reason.

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