Abs in 20 Days! Get 11 Line Abs like KPOP Idol (15 min Home Workout) ~ Emi

Abs in 20 Days! Get 11 Line Abs like KPOP Idol (15 min Home Workout) ~ Emi

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  1. okay hi :”) so i just started this yesterday and i will do a update everydayy !! i will try it out for a week.

    waist (starting) : 26 inches

    Day 1 : i honestly died 💦 but i managed to complete it !! Listening to her really motivated me 👍🏼 and my stomach area do feel tighter

    Day 2 : achinngg 🥺 but i stretched a lot :”) died once again but slightly more managable !! theres not much difference yet but again , it feels tighter after doing !!

    Day 3 :

  2. I started today and im sure it'd work inshaAllah… but my elbows got rubbed with the carpet😭😭 it hurts soooo much… how is everyone doing it perfectly without this complaint???

  3. Been doing this for a week (still at one set a day) but already I can see the tightening and slight definitions around the belly area 🙂 🙂

  4. I’m 5’2’’ around 124 lb female and I’m tryna get dem abs

    Day 1: this shit killed me…luckily I finished it🥴🥴
    (before this I did a 40 min walk about 1-2 miles long)

    Day 2: oh mah lord I be dead. I was so sore all day and it made me barely make it through the entire workout, y’all don’t forget to stretch plz😵😵
    (Didn’t do anything active today just this workout🤗)

    Day 3: So I felt way better doing this today although I was still sore. To be honest tho I didnt complete everything since close to the end my dad started texting me and then I got distracted hehe
    (I take gym for school and had a fitness test like 10 laps around the gym, 36 situps, 14 pushups so that's my extra exercise of the day🤪)

    Day 4: Didn’t do it as I chose to eat ramen instead🤪

    Day 5: I did it and it was overall easier than it was a first, to make up for missing it yesterday I’ll try to double it tomorrow😌

    Day 6: Yall I did it🙌🙌

    Day 7: Hehe didnt do it again, but I'll try to make up for it tomorrow since I done goofed and if I dont do it I'll just add extra days so I can accomplish it at the end. WISH ME LUCK😄

  5. Started this workout 9/26 i will update everyday.follow me @ana.sazet
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Waist: 25 in
    Day 1: ✔
    Day 2: ✔
    Day 3:✔
    Day 4:✔
    Day 5:✔✔
    Day 6: ✔✔ not seeing anything yet but I feel much stronger.
    Day 7: ✔
    Day 8:✔ got it done . I need motivation
    Day 9: ✔ i am seeing a little difference and its much easier to do.

  6. Hi!! Im from malaysia!! I love you all ur workout videos!! Im trying ur previous workout video ( 30days bloated belly challenges *idremember the tittle) 😅.. and i have tried it for this five days and it was absolutely worth it!!! Just another 50% more i guess?? But i just wanna ask can i do this exercise eventho if i have bloated belly or this workout just for make 11 onto our abs ?? No i just curious!! Waiting for ur reply ❤️💯

  7. Hi Emi ❤️I did your exercises for more than 3 months ad, and I’m getting strong. Weight lost is not major by scale, but I look much leaner cuz I gained a lot of muscles. I change my size from M to S. Thank you 🥰 #changewithemi

  8. Whenever I do these exercises my neck really hurts, and I keep my chin up- but it still hurts . Is it supposed to be like this?
    Edit; I feel the burn, but my neck is killing me.so I put my head down but then that stops the burn and it’s driving me Insane, someone halp

  9. So I started this workout recently…..
    I've been doing 10min yoga in the morning+emi's plank workout+emi's leg thinning workout+this ab workout+arm workout+her cool down stretch….then in the night the ab workout in bed…

    DAY 1> Did everything…as I exercised quite a long time ago my body feels a bit uncomfortable..
    Still done✓

    DAY 2>✓ I've done everything but today my body aches a lot…yet I still did it in that condition…tho I feel like when I did the exercise my body ache left and after the exercise it returned…well this does happen if you exercise after a long time

    DAY 3>✓ I've done everything again ..today I felt the exercises were easier to do …and I feel that the strain was a bit less so I did the arm workouts in the evening too

    DAY 4> ✓Done ….today I felt better so I did the plank workout 2 times and then as usual the leg slimming and arm workout along with 11 line ab workout with her evening on bed workout…

    DAY 5>Today my periods started hence I did the plank workout once along with the kpop ab and and thigh and arm +stretch…still did it✓

    DAY 6> Today I had a lot work to do so I couldn't exercise in the morning hence I only did the arm+plank workout+11 line ab workout in the evening….. couldn't focus on the legs today😅..still I think it counts as a done?✓?

    DAY 7> Had classes the whole day from morning 6 to evening 8…..so tired…..only did the arm workout +ab workout….in terms of doing the ab workout done✓ but did very less than the usual 😥😣😣

    DAY 8> I don't know why everything seems too easy now….I did the plank workout+ 11 line ab workout+ arm workout+leg slimming workout+evening workout on bed…..my core is now pretty strong and I can balance properly…before I used to sweat just after the plank workout…today I felt that it was pretty easy to me…well I don't know abt stomach shape as there's a slight protrudence of the abs showing but I don't know if it's my misconception or just the fat😅😅. Still goal of the day ..done✓

    DAY 9> plank workout+11 line ab+ arm+ leg slimming+I did emi's back workout too today as I had time+evening workout. I felt the exercises were getting a bit easier and I don't know why I felt that the pain was also the burn also wasn't as bad as the first day….so maybe i might be a masochist as I didn't like it so for today's workouts I did a 50 sec exercise and 10 sec rest and also I intensified the training by adding weights to a few of the exercises….anyways done✓

    DAY 10>Plank+ab+legs+arms..

    That's what I did till now..I shall continue updating for this week

    Oh and I'm not on any sort of diet as I'm just not a person made for diets..lol

  10. I found my motivation y’all « push it even if you think you can not anymore » when she said that I set my mind of doing the plank hip dip till the end without stopping and now I’m more motivated on doing the rest of my work out ( I was just planning on doing just abs today but now Imma do full body) that quote really is something 🙏🏾🤗

  11. Emi, thanks for this, im really insecure but finally I realize that what I think ‘bout myself wouldn’t change if I don’t try nothing for. I found you and this is my first time trying your workouts. Im coming back In 20 days, I promise<33

  12. I started this two days ago 
    I've been doing thighs workouts and stairs too for 20 days
    Im doing it + cardio + eating kinda of healthy
    so lets say
    Day one: DONE and the next day my stomach hurts asf lol
    Day 2: Done skipped 2 workouts I couldn't do them
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day:20 😌✨

  13. I tried it yesterday and my ab area is hella sore. I will do it again today hoping for results after 20 days. I am aiming to have abs by the end of the year.

  14. Hi, Femily! For half a year I've been following Emi's passion about staying fit and healthy! She's been a great help for my health physically! ❤️

    And since Emi is also about supporting one's passion, i hope you can go and support mine, too. Hope you can go and visit my channel! 😘 🤗

  15. Not doing this for likes just to see how much I’m progressing
    Day 1:Today I was kinda lazy but I reminded myself that no pain no gain so I did it only one time✅

  16. so i’m doing this workout since almost three weeks now
    and i went from 49kg to 47,6kg
    (i’m not doing this workout because i want to
    loose weight either but just as an info and i’m not
    tall i'm like 157cm)
    anyways, i got rid of my muffintop and my abs are showing now
    (i’m doing this workout twice a day)

    everyone, you can get it, don’t give up!💪🏻

  17. This workout is so effective!! I've been working out with Emi for about a month, and I've already started to see the ab lines just from doing this workout consistently for 2 weeks. Emi really changed the way I see fitness, and I'm excited to workout now <3

  18. Day 1-✔️
    Day 2-✔️
    Day 3-✔️
    Day 4-✔️
    Day 5-✔️
    Day 6-
    Day 7-
    Day 8-
    Day 9-
    Day 10-
    Day 11-
    Day 12-
    Day 13-
    Day 14-
    Day 15-
    Day 16-
    Day 17-
    Day 18-
    Day 19-
    Day 20🙌-

  19. Pretty much all the way through the last 3 exercises I was like "She's trying to kill me. I swear, she's trying to kill me."

  20. I'm gonna try this and I'll report
    My start size is 49 kg and 28 inches around my stomach (I'm short not skinny) I have a small waist and a bulging belly
    Day 1: I had a long break in the middle because my food finished cooking but it really hurt. I'm not sure if there is a difference yet but I sure did feel the burn. I'll report my weight and inches around my stomach either tomorrow or the next day.

  21. Thank you Emi! It took forever for me to find a more… accurate workout and it keeps me motivated 💜

  22. This video is very useful! I followed this for 18 days with 2 days break in between, my abs is visibly stronger and flatter (although the eleven line is still invisible :p) will obviously keep on 😊

  23. Day 1√
    Day 2√
    Day 3√
    Day 4√
    Day 5√
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20!

  24. I will be writing down my workouts until Day 30! Hopefully, I don't take any breaks!
    Day 1: I think I overworked out because im feeling dozy and sick, but I didn't just do this video, this video burns the most so im doing this! See you tomorrow, what food should I eat?

  25. Just recently discovered Emi Wong. Loving her workouts! Today was my first day trying the Ab workout, and I'll be honest I did not do very well. Going to keep trying this workout until I can get through it effortlessly.

  26. Not gonna lie i had to shout to get through some of these exercises, twas tough :’) or maybe ive just not been doing exercises for too long HAHAH

  27. I'm doing this for 20 days! Wish me luck! (I'm also trying the same fasting method as Emi did for 10 days!) #femily
    Weight: 55kg
    Waist: 65cm
    Day 1: Done! Kinda hard but really motivated. Also did 20 days lean legs twice
    Day 2: Done! Almost without breaks, but I just need to stretch a bit 乁( •_• )ㄏ
    And did the 20 day leg once
    Day 3: Done! This time without breaks. Proud hehe
    Did the leg workout twice. Btw really felt it today
    Day 4: Done! Without breaks again. Actually want to do two rounds(maybe tomorrow). And it'll be burninn
    Also did the leg workout once
    Day 5: Rest day. Did some dancing tho
    Day 6: Done! And did the leg workout
    Day 7: Done! It's been week already! And it's a lot easier than it was. Also did the leg workout
    Day 8: Done! Wanted to do two rounds, but felt sore in the middle of the workout (maybe because I just got my period), so I'll do it tomorrow. And did the leg workout once
    Day 9: Rest day due to period cramps and unmotivation
    Day 10: Done! Did it twice today and it's burning as hell
    And I'll weight and measure myself tomorrow
    Day 11: Done! Did it once with the leg workout.
    Btw here are the measurements:
    Weight: 53,5kg
    Waist: 64cm
    The weight is always drink and based on what I eat, how much I drink etc.
    But I'm happy with the results and I feel that muscle more ( ◜‿◝ )♡
    Day 12: Another rest day because not motivated today
    Day 13: No workout today, but I went for a good swim
    Day 14: Done! Twice today and even did the leg workout. Gained a bit of weight on my two day ,,break" so going hard today 💪
    Day 15: Done! Did this only once today because I was busy
    Day 16: Done! What a tough day! Did 50 mins workout without big breaks. Proud! So I did this twice and the leg workout twice as well. Anyway today I was a lot more confident about my body, I wore a crop top to school as I started seeing tiny but exiting results. This workout works guys! ᕦ༼✩ل͜✩༽ᕤ

  28. Day 1: Done
    Day 2: Done + 15 min burn thigh fat workout
    Day 3: Done
    Day 4: Done + 30 min full body fat burn hiit
    Day 5: Done
    Day 6: Rest
    Day 7: Rest
    Day 8: 30 min full body fat burn hiit
    Day 9: Done and 30 min full body fat burn hiit
    Day 10: Rest
    Day 11: Rest
    Day 12: Done
    Day 13: Done

  29. Day 1: there're some excersices that i can't do it, but i will try it later
    Day 2: busy day! i do 60 times leg raise clap, side plank then i go to sleep
    Day 3: i feel kinda hurt in my belly and my arms ( idk why but my neck also hurt :(( ) yet, i can do all the excersices above even though it's not very perfect
    Day 4: doneeeeee
    Day 5: done
    Day 6: im kinda busy so…. :((
    Day 7: i dont have time to do this excercise but i have done the abs work in bed of emi :3

  30. So i thought about charing my results after 20 days. Gonna update you guys fr.
    Waist: 73cm
    Hip: 86cm

    Day 1: (i started counting on the 3rd day doing this because i started doing it three times)
    did it three times (for 48 minutes)
    my muscles are less sore than yesterday but i still had to do some excersises a bit slower than usually

  31. Just wanna say I did this for a little over 2 weeks with no results I’m going to continue to the 20 days but no results yet

  32. I'm the only one who can't do the plank hip drip and the side planks? I really want to do it, but I can't. I'm trying but I'm always collapse after 10sec. It's really annoying…
    (My English is not very good sorry ><)

  33. Am going to do this bc I deleted my ab workout. This is officially my new ab workout. I will do it daily along with my 1 hour dance class & 20 minutes of jump roping.

    I do not update but for those seeing this comment. YOU can do it & ONLY you can do it. If I don’t do this one day I don’t get abs. Its only impacts me. So I will do this everyday because I am not willing to sacrifice what I want most. Ill be back when I have 11 abs.

    Day 1: I cannot do planks too well!!! however this is the perfect intensity and I love it!!

    Day 2: do not attempt after quick breakfast when you aren’t use to eating breakfast at 8AM. Today was hard but this is my pre ballet workout

    Day 3: I am getting better and can see my core strength improve. Yay! ( doing this for 30 days. There will be two days every other week I cannot work out )

    Day 4: HELD MY SIDE PLANKS WHOLE TIME!!!! also was down today so pushed workout to afternoon. I have more ab definition and a tighter stomach.

    Day 5: yesterday we got a gymnastics bar I am sore beyond words. However I completed this workout.

    Day 6: long day so did it at the end of the night. I am starting to see faint lines but they’re insignificant

  34. Tried emi wong’s workout. From 60kg to 45kg now, thank you emii. I lose too much . And i’m gonna try this one coz i want to toned my abs more ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Sharing my experience!

    For the past couple of months, I have been exercising at least 5 times a week (usually around 30-45 mins of exercise per workout). I decided to add this video to my routine for 20 days. I wasn't really expecting to get "Abs in 20 Days", as I have very stubborn fat since I was a child, and digestive issues which make my belly extremely distended (even just after drinking water in the morning). My weight has been also been relatively stable for years (despite a healthy diet). Lo and behold, after the 20 days, I did not have abs nor any noticeable definition, however the exercises didn't feel as difficult, which for me is a great marker of progress! For example, exercises like the 'leg raise hold' or 'plank hip dip', I can now do for longer periods of time without modifications. My focus now is to keep working on my ab strength to improve my weak core, and weirdly, any 'superficial' differences often come naturally when we actually don't think about it too much.

    Just a reminder that not all progress has to be visible, and we should exercise because of how it makes us feel, rather than getting caught up in the vanity of working out (as much as I would love to have visible abs!) I'm learning to try and not compare my progress with others, as that is not a healthy mindset to have in the long-term. Everyone's body and genetic makeup is different, and will react to different forms of exercise accordingly, so it isn't fair on yourself to compare with another person!

    TLDR; Our bodies are all unique with different histories, genetics and lifestyle :))) We are all different and start at different points, so don't feel discouraged if you don't see results after 20 days.

  36. I've been doing this for 18 days now (I probably missed 3 to 4 days total though) and the change is incredible ! I have the lines and my stomach is always flat. It is still relatively flat after dinner. Just a little consistency makes an enormous difference, I really recommend this workout. For information, I took it easy : I did the workout once a day only, eating healthily but with no brutal restriction, simply eating what I like. My diet does not include junk food (or very little), since I don't like it, but it sure included dark chocolate, pancakes, cakes, crêpes… 🙂 Thank you so much Emi !

  37. i’m going to do this, as well as 30-40 mins of cardio every day and will try to keep y’all updated
    weight (current): 148 lbs

  38. Will I get results if I don’t diet? Cause I’m already doing this for 2 weeks, but for me it is imposible to eat healthy, and I was wondering if I could see a change without dieting

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