Hey guys, whats going on welcome to todays video So in this video I am going to take you through an ab workout So this is an ab workout that I typically follow & is great if you want to build up your abs Especially if you have pectus though because this ab workout is targeted at minimising the potbelly and rib flare associated with pectus so its going to totally minimise the extent of your pectus condition…lets go do it So before starting the ab workout we are just going to do cardio for 10 minutes so we are just doing this to get the blood flowing and also I want to touch base on Training abs isn’t going to get you abs, what’s going to get you abs is being a low body fat percentage and the way to achieve that is through a caloric deficit..so you need to burn more calories then you consume and cardio is a great tool to help you do that so you want to be doing cardio to burn more calories to get your abs out Training abs isn’t a miracle worker but it will help though without anything more to say lets go do the ab workout The first exercise of this ab workout is the weighted cable crunch so this is a great exercise and just like any other exercise for any other muscle group for your abs you want to weight them and get stronger if you want to develop them more so this exercise enables you to apply progressive overload and get stronger also it really targets your upper abs so if you have pectus its going to help minimise the visual extent of your potbelly and just your pectus in general..so its a great exercise so Ill just demonstrate how to do it now..for this I do about 3 sets x 10-12 reps


  1. Is there a way to train against Pectus without a gym? I'm still in school and the next gym is over an hour away so, would be nice to recive an answer 🙂

  2. I'm starting to see improvment of my PE as I'm slowly building muscles, great video tho I can't perform most of this exercises yet haha.

  3. sir, do you recommend using ab roller for those who have a slight anterior pelvic tilt? I’m not sure if my core is just weak or doing it wrong but I feel more sore in my lower back than my abs after this workout

  4. Great video again! But you're working out at night and in another one of your videos you said you workout in the morning. So I'm just wondering, does the time of day when you workout matter at all? Or is it just personal preference?

  5. How much can rip flare be corrected through exercise?

    And also will something like anterior pelvic tilt make the rib flare/potbelly look worse, cause I have that too unfortunately.

  6. Hello. I have pectus and i want to ask. Can I do 50 push-ups a day for 30 days challange? In your older video you said that training only chest Can make pectus worse. I do lift and stuff and i have break every third day. So, Can i do the challange even when i have pectus ? (I have Full body training for that 2 days)

  7. Hi I have pectus and it's causing me some breathing issues during everyday life. I do exercise(climbing) 3-4 times a week. I'm not sure how severe my pectus is and I want to know wether these excerices will work with my severity of pectus. What was the most severe pectus you have seen which has been improved by exercise?(I'm 15 btw)

  8. Yo Riley is it okay to add crunches into my abs routine for my upper abs or do you think it a bad exercise for your rib flare.

  9. Hey Riley, thanks you a lot for all videos you are doing, I have pectus but I didn't know wath is it untill like 8 months ago, I was always seeing that my chest wasn't normal but didn't knew why, I've lost self-confidence, always felt weak compared to other people, but when I discovered your channel, I learned to live with it & accept it, I've started correcting my posture, doing stretching exercices and breathing exercices everyday, I will start calisthenics. I'm not having anymore a problem to remove my shirt in public, and when people asks me i tell them that it's a gem slot :v
    Don't stop your channel 😀 !!! And keep up the good work

  10. Good video dude, one question though. Would you consider the russian twist a good exercise for people with pectus?

  11. How often do u have to do these ab workouts? Is it an every day thing or should I have one day on / off. Great videos very inspiring

  12. Hi RIley! I ve been watching your videos for a long time, and they are great. I believe you mentioned before that we should avoid a "kyphotic position" when exercising (we with pectus), but doesnt this first exercise bend the neck and pulls the torso inwards too much?

  13. Your vids are absolute gold, man! My pectus is getting a lot better now, im using Vacuum Bell too, but what bothers me the most in my body is surely the damn rib flare… Your body is a great inspiration, keep on the good work! Regards from Brazil

  14. Isn't the first exercise kinda bad for pectus? You've already said to not to do crunches and that exercise is basically a different crunch version, right?

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