A box of wine and a six-pack | Kim’s Convenience

A box of wine and a six-pack | Kim’s Convenience

What are you doing here? I’m sorry, I had to work late. I’ll be out in 10 minutes! Lauren’s on her way up. Get out! I have to shower. I smell like baby barf. That’s adorable! Just make that work for you with your library geeks! [knock on the door] Heyyyy! Come through. Right through. In fact, I was thinking we can spend the next 10 minutes or so out on the balcony. Just came from outside. I could use some A/C. Ahh, right. So, what can I get you to go with my ‘mortadella’? Uhh, white wine? Ohh, just in luck. Bought a big box. Ohh! Oh, hi—- My roommate Jung, who is just leaving. Well, I have to get dressed first, but it was nice to meet you. You too. I’m Lauren. What is that? Oh, it’s the pepperettes. I’m doing a bit of a meat board. No, Olio. Yeah, it’s the shea body butter. Of course it is. I love that stuff! – Well, I’m gonna get changed. I’ll see you later.
– Great. Well, Jung seems nice. Does he always walk around half-naked? I prefer to think of him as half-dressed. Ham and cheese or broccoli… and cheese?

15 thoughts on “A box of wine and a six-pack | Kim’s Convenience

  1. I love these guys on KC. They're like the low-cost Asian-Canadian equivalent of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

  2. your telling me, he had time to take his clothes off, mix the shea body buter shit all over his body, if he used other grooming products, all in 30 seconds, and
    he comes ou without a drop of water

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