8 Things We DON’T Miss About 90’s Bodybuilding!

8 Things We DON’T Miss About 90’s Bodybuilding!

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today we’re going to take a little trip down
memory lane together to look back at eight things we don’t miss at all about ’90s bodybuilding. You see, we took an opposite approach a few
weeks back when we took a look at the Strong Man era, but there are some things we actually
liked. Here, not so much. And for good reason. JESSE: Whoa. We’re going to – whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s wrong with ’90s bodybuilding? JEFF: First, the fashion, maybe? JESSE: Zubaz will never go out of style and
I think they’ll agree with me. JEFF: I think we should just let the footage
speak for itself. JESSE: Sweet. I got you. I got you. JEFF: Whoa, what are you doing? JESSE: What it looked like you were having
trouble. I was just giving you a spot. JEFF: I’m fine. Honestly. I’m good. JESSE: All right. All right. JESSE: Whoa, whoa, whoa. JEFF: Dude, get the f**k off! JESSE: Dude. JEFF: Please tell me that was your fanny pack. JESSE: Yes, it’s a fanny pack. Also, dude, you look like you could use a
spot. I’m here for you. Anytime you need it, bro. All right? Anytime. Woo! Let’s go! JEFF: Guys, let’s face it, you take any trip
to a gym back in those days and there were spots galore. You had a guy spotting on shoulder presses,
on lat pulldowns, and even wrist curls. JESSE: Go, go, go! You’ve got this! Let’s go! JEFF: Look, I’m not opposed to a good, old
fashioned spot on a squat, or even a heavy bench. But let’s say it’s a good thing that we have
some independence returning to training again. Hey, what’s up? JESSE: What? JEFF: Is that your journal? JESSE: Yeah, it’s really important to track
my progress. JEFF: Yeah, man. It is. Is this your last training block? JESSE: Nah, dude. This is today. JEFF: All this is today? JESSE: Yeah, it’s like waging war on your
muscles. You’ve got to attack from every different
angle. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. You know what I’m saying, bro? JEFF: For those of you not old enough to remember,
this is an article straight from Iron Man magazine circa 1995. And yes, I still own these articles. Don’t ask me why. This is a chest workout right here. All these exercises. 29 sets, in case you’re counting, to be performed
on a Tuesday. Of course, if you flip it over, 31 more sets
to be done on Friday. No. I told you I wasn’t exaggerating. Hey, bro, are you almost done with these? JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: Can I use the bench. JESSE: Yeah, dude. When I’m done. I’ve got one more set left. If you want to wait right here so you don’t
lose the spot. JEFF: Yeah, yeah. Cool. *snoring Guys, it only takes a little closer look to
see how much faster it gets worse when we talk about training shoulders here. We have a lateral raising going on. We have seated lateral raises. Standing lateral raises. Forward lean lateral raises. Back to standing lateral raises, in case you
missed it, I guess. The one-armed cable lateral raise. And of course, the pure, negative machine
lateral raise. Guys, we weren’t exaggerating here. There wasn’t just a lot of duplication when
it came to training in the ’90s. There was a lot of pure ‘suckiness’ when it
came to training in the ’90s. JESSE: Aw, s**t. Anabolic window, get out of the way! JEFF: All right, guys. This is one I’ve got to fess up on. As a former believer in the anabolic window,
after forgetting my shake at home I had to rush home form the gym, and in the process,
I got a speeding ticket. I mean, you’ve got to get there before the
window closes. But going 80 in a 25, not really the best
way to do it. Although, desperate times do call for desperate
measures. The more embarrassing part of this whole story
though? I was more angry about missing my window than
I was about the speeding ticket. Guys, for the record, I’ve never actually
driven 80 in a 25before. I don’t advocate that you do either. Speeding kills. JESSE: Woo! Yeah! Let’s go! JEFF: Bro, nice set. Nice set. JESSE: Oh, thanks, bro. JEFF: Water? JESSE: Oh, dude. Where’s the nutrition facts on here? JEFF: It’s…water. JESSE: I know, but I’ve got to see how many
calories, if there’s any fat in it. Dude, I’m on a no-fat diet. JEFF: Bro, it’s water. JESSE: Yeah, but…all right. Did you clean this bottle out? JEFF: Yeah. JESSE: Did you use blue Dawn? Because it cuts through the grease and gets
all the fat that’s already in there, out. If you already had fat in there, without blue
Dawn, it’s still there. I can’t drink this, bro. Too much fat. To the trained eye that’s fatty water. JEFF: It’s f**king water. JESSE: It’s not just water! JEFF: Are you for real? JESSE: Dude, fat’s good now. Carbs are the bad guy. JEFF: That’s got carbs on it. JESSE: You f**king wrote this for me, all
right? JEFF: Bro, you’re so out of breath. Are you okay? JESSE: Yeah, man. I was just doing my curls. They’re real high-intensity. JEFF: Dude, why don’t you try to mix in
some cardio or something? JESSE: Cardio? JEFF: Yeah. JESSE: Are you joking me? JEFF: Yeah. JESSE: Dude, cardio eats your gains. Everyone knows it eats your muscles. It’s like a rabid dog. *barking* That’s exactly what cardio does;
eats your gains, bro. JEFF: Well, I’ve got to say it’s really nice
seeing athletic conditioning making its way back into training because back in the day,
even the walk to the water fountain in between sets was pretty much your cardio. But even then, you had to make sure you went
really slow because you don’t want to spike your cortisol. JESSE: Hey, bro. Jeff, come here. I need a spot. JEFF: What’s up? JESSE: Listen, I don’t need a spot. I’m just trying to get in the corner. I’ve got some goodies in here, right here,
for you. This is what I use. I’ve got some pharmaceutical grade HGH. JEFF: You do? JESSE: The low dose – I do. Best of all, low grade beaver tranquilizer. Do you want any? JEFF: I’m good, man. JESSE: What do you mean, ‘you’re good’? JEFF: I’m good. JESSE: Dude, these are gains! Do you want gains?! JEFF: Dude, I’m good. JESSE: You don’t want gains?! This is where your gains are! In this bag! So maybe I could tempt you with this. A whole carrot cake. JEFF: Now, see? That’s something I can get into. JESSE: Here, have a bite. JEFF: Sure. Great. Um, hmm…it doesn’t – there’s kind of
a weird taste to it. JESSE: Oh, the carrot cake? No, no, no. That’s not the carrot cake. That’s because I put beaver tranquilizer in
the icing. JEFF: So basically, this gym here has got
pretty much everything you need. JESSE: This is bullshit. JEFF: What? JESSE: Dude, I’m supposed to be training abs
today. I don’t see an ab crunch machine. JEFF: There are a million things you could
do instead of an ab crunch machine. JESSE: That doesn’t answer my question. Do you see an ab machine in this gym? I don’t see one there. I don’t see one there. And I certainly don’t see one over there. Is there an ab crunching machine? JEFF: I don’t have an ab crunching machine. You – I’m going to go do hanging leg raises. You do – whatever. JESSE: Yeah. Like that’s going to work for you. Go on a walk! Worst training session EVER! Dammit!

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  2. As a type 1 diabetic, back in the 90's at the gym, people use to ask me to get them insulin. Of course this was coming from non diabetics. Talk about dangerous.

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