7 Thumb Joint (CMC) Stretches & Exercises

7 Thumb Joint (CMC) Stretches & Exercises

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and precious
Kali. and today I’m going to show you seven stretches and exercises for the
thumb joint or the CMC. so let’s get started. so before we get started, if you
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how do I respond to it? okay so the CMC joint of the thumb, or
the carpometacarpal joint is way down here. It’s that joint the basically comes
into the wrist, and it’s a spot that gets a lot of arthritis. if you have hand arthritis, you probably have arthritis here in that CMC joint. so just
getting it moving, kind of stretching it out, is a great way to help kind of
relieve some of that pain in there. so the first one is super easy. all you’re
gonna do is basically open and close your hand. so you’re gonna when you close
your hand, you’re gonna actually close in on your thumb. so kind of coming in
giving a little stretch and then opening everything back up. so coming down
stretch into that thumb, and then come back out. so with these, depending on how
sore your thumb is, you can just start off with five or ten reps. maybe do two
sets at a time a couple times a day just to kind of get everything nice and
loosened up. so that one’s a pretty easy one to start off with. the next one is
crossing your thumb over almost to the joint of where your pinkie is. and so
trying to keep everything out straight out, you’re coming over and across. and so
if you have some arthritis in that joint, you might not be able to get all the way
across like that, and that’s fine. you know if you can just get to here work, on
that again maybe just five or ten reps doing a couple sets, and hopefully the
more you do, you’ll be able to get all the way over to that other side. but it
shouldn’t be painful. you should just feel tension and pressure or a stretch,
but it shouldn’t be painful. don’t force going all the way over that way. so then
the next one is just going away from the other fingers. so this time you’re
bringing your thumb up and then coming back down, collapsing in. so again pretty
easy to do. if you’ve got some pretty severe
arthritis in there, that might be uncomfortable. so again just go the
motion that’s comfortable for you, where you’re getting a stretch, where you’re
getting some tension, but it’s not painful. and then you’re gonna just go in
the opposite direction. so now you’re bringing your thumb up and coming back
down. so kind of going almost like you’re bringing your thumb up towards the
ceiling. and again just that pain-free motion.
five or ten reps, doing a couple sets couple times throughout the day getting
that nice motion in there. so then the next one is just going to be taking your
thumb and tapping it to each finger. so almost just closing a loop and going
back and forth, really opening back up each time you touch the fingers. so
really just alternating. you can go up and down, doing a couple sets of those,
but really make sure you’re opening back up that hand as you come back to get
that stretch in there. you can do a little push, get a little bit of
strengthening in there as well, as long as that’s comfortable as you’re doing it.
so just that nice push, open and closing. so after you do that, then a little bit
more strengthening. this time you’re gonna use both fingers. kind of make a
chain link in between the two keeping the fingers tight you’re gonna pull
apart. so if they weren’t together this is what I was doing, but now I’m just
pulling apart like this, getting that strengthening in there. so maybe it’s
just like a three to five second pull. this is just almost like an isometric
exercise, so I wouldn’t pull as hard as you can the first time. you’ll probably
feel it in that joint area. so again just feeling tension or pressure but not pain.
so three to five second hold maybe do five at a time two or three sets a
couple times throughout the day. and then the last one is to start getting some
more movement in the other joints. so this is the joint down here, that CMC
joint, but these are often affected as well. so the last one is really kind of
stabilizing this part here. so you can just grab that kind of meaty part of
your thumb, and just hold it there to stabilize it. so now I can get some good
movement in that top two joints right there. so
now I’m just kind of curving that thumb in, but see I’m not getting that movement
there I’m holding it, and I’m getting those top joints moving there. so this
one again you can do like a continuous movement, or if you want to go there and
maybe hold it for five to ten seconds, you can do that. but I really like kind
of doing a continuous movement maybe again doing like 10 of those, couple sets,
a couple times throughout the day. there you go.
did that fix your thumb? it did? so there you have it. those are my seven stretches
and exercises for the thumb joint, or the CMC. if you’d like to help support my
channel, make sure and click on the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe
where? down there. and remember, be safe, have fun,
and I hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Just diagnosed with cubital tunnel left side, carpal tunnel bilaterally and thumb arthritis bilaterally. And dupuytrens contracture left pinkie. Of course the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery from elbow to pinkie – not interested! I've started all the exercises you have online. Still early in my rehab but I'm very happy that you are out there giving good information.

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