7 Gym Exercises You’re Doing Wrong | 7 जिम एक्सरसाइज जो आप ग़लत परफ़ॉर्म करते हैं | Yatinder Singh

7 Gym Exercises You’re Doing Wrong | 7 जिम एक्सरसाइज जो आप ग़लत परफ़ॉर्म करते हैं | Yatinder Singh

Greetings to all the viewers We are going to discuss a very interesting topic in this video I have noticed that people in the gyms tend to perform a few particular exercises incorrectly And I don’t want you all to do the same mistakes We will be making corrections to those exercises throughout todays’ video and are being helped by Mrs. Sargam Gera for the same Welcome back Sargam So Sargam will demonstrate all of the small mistakes which you should avoid during those particular exercises Lets’ start our video Sargam: Which do you think is the first exercise where people need correction? Yatinder: the first exercise will be leg press. I have seen a lot of people committing mistakes in this particular exercise which gives them lower back pain, knee pain etc. so please avoid these mistakes. This is one of the common technique I have seen people performing the maximum number of times, please don’t perform leg press like this So if you want to perform leg press, firstly you need to place your feet in the bottom area Secondly the distance between your feet should be more than this and it will provide a comfortable position every time you perform Toes outwards, knees softened And while performing this why were you bringing your knees down so fast? If you perform the exercise this fast you will lose muscle mind connection and it will cause strain on your knees and lower back So please bring it down in a controlled way Also, when you were performing with the wrong technique you were releasing your knees too much which is not required This is the maximum position, then push it up Release it slowly Breathe out and squeeze your quads when you press Another thing, when you release you need to create distance between your knees, not too much That’s it Lastly, when you were performing incorrectly you were giving a jerk while pushing and releasing which can cause injuries in the lower back Make sure you perform this in a controlled way, release slowly, breathe out, squeeze the muscle and grip onto the machine firmly so that your lower back does not move while pushing Always try to push using your heels This is the right way to perform leg press Good Yatinder: What are you doing Sargam? Sargam: Side bends for a thinner waist Yatinder: you must have seen a lot of people including her performing side bends using heavy weights like this but this is not an exercise And if you still wish to do it Firstly, you cannot select such heavy weights and select lighter weights instead then make gap between your feet Now, you can never bend towards the weight Bend, this is incorrect You need to bend against the weight Keep your hand up, bend, breathe out and squeeze your oblique Yes Now try to do 15-20 repetitions As soon as 15-20 are complete switch the side Now work oblique on this side, breathe out The number of repetitions need to be high in this exercise Yes Now this increases your chances of achieving a thinner waist Don’t perform with the earlier technique as it can give you lower back injuries and isn’t a very useful exercise But if you perform it with the correct technique your oblique development will be better The next exercise which people generally perform incorrectly in order to lift heavy and develop their biceps is barbell curls How is it performed Sargam? I have seen people performing the exercise like this to develop biceps This is totally incorrect and causes more harm than good Firstly, you need to stand straight When you want to lift the bar you cannot bend forward, just stand straight, lift your chest and core tight Now slowly lift the bar, squeeze your biceps Hold it here for a second and breathe out Release it slowly till the point the bar isn’t close to your things and your muscle isn’t completely stretched Lift it up again Never bend forward while releasing the bar and never bend backward while lifting the bar, your body should always be straight Release it slowly Lift it up again and breathe out Contract your muscle at the top Stretch and squeeze This is the right way to perform barbell curl or any similar biceps exercise Even if I had dumbbells instead of bars I will perform the exercise like this only I have seen people performing this exercise in the gyms and it is called rack pulls This is my opinion that it is incorrect because the range of motion is so less that the muscle group which I want to train is getting trained In fact my upper chest and deltoids are getting so strained that I should avoid this exercise completely But I have created a different version for this which you can perform Here I have kept the bar on a platform and I have reduced the weight in comparison with earlier so that I can control the weight Next, if I had to perform a full deadlift I would’ve kept the weight on the ground but as I am not performing a full deadlift here I have kept the weight on a platform I have created this platform using weights but you can use any other thing as well The method of performing will be the same but a slight difference here is that when I am performing, the bar is going at least below my knees So that whenever I lift, my hamstrings, glutes, lower back, upper back and trap muscles all work better and the purpose of this exercise is met Make sure when you do perform this your core should be tightened and chest lifted Come down slowly, lift it up again and breathe out So this is the right way to perform this exercise We will now see another exercise which people generally think they are performing correctly but they are doing it wrong Sargam: which exercise is it? Yatinder: that exercise is flat dumbbell fly It is a very small mistake but correcting it will benefit you Whenever people perform dumbbell fly they bring down their hand too much and think that their chest muscle is getting stretched and it will aid in the chest development This is incorrect and at this position your shoulder muscle are getting more strained instead of your chest muscle So I would request you all that whenever you perform this exercise don’t bring down your hands too much That’s it and lift it up Control And whenever you are lifting, squeeze your chest muscle and breathe out If you perform it like this it will benefit you more and this is why a lot of people complain about shoulder pain after a chest workout This reason is only this, when you bring your hands too down it causes strain on your shoulders So the next time you perform this exercise keep a few things in mind Don’t bring your hands too down, squeeze your chest and breathe out when you bring your hands up Perform it in a controlled way Sargam: I want to learn an exercise from you which normally everyone performs and that is crunches Yatinder: Crunches is an exercise which you will find every person in every gym performing while thinking, when will my tummy be flat? How do you perform it? I will make the corrections here only Sargam, here I would like to correct a few things Firstly, you are coming up and going down with a lot of speed This mistake is similar to that of leg press as you won’t be able to connect with the muscle So fold your legs a bit, hands on your head and lift slowly Squeeze your abs Now you don’t have to do down all the way, go down a bit and come back up, breathe out Try to keep your chin lifted and away from your chest Breathe out and squeeze your abs Control and come down very little This will keep your core muscle in continuous tension Also, try to do at least 20-25 repetitions of this exercise to reap the benefits Make sure, whenever you perform this exercise in your gyms you don’t give a lot of jerk Performing in fast movements will not allow you to connect with the muscle This is the correct way and whenever you want to do crunches do them like this only Another exercise which all the boys and girls perform in their gyms to develop their shoulders is side laterals But I have seen that a lot of people generally perform it incorrectly Sargam, this is incorrect Actually people think that the higher up they take their hands, the greater will be the strain on their shoulders and there will be even better development But this is incorrect Firstly, you cannot keep your hands on the sides I know the exercise is called side laterals but keep your hands in the front only Not completely in the front, in the middle Next, soften your elbows so that you don’t feel any strain on your elbows while lifting Then lift the dumbbells slowly, that’s it Which means, not this high, this much is enough Slowly bring them down in a controlled way Lift it up again Whenever you lift the dumbbell up, just breathe out Also, whenever you lift up the dumbbell you cannot give a jerk So whenever you perform this exercise do it in a controlled way so that only your shoulder muscle works Additionally you can soften your knees for extra support This is the right way to perform side lateral exercise And if you perform it like this there is 100% surety that your muscles will develop very well So this was our video for today and I hope you all enjoyed it And all the mistakes which we have corrected please don’t perform them during your exercises Thank you so much Sargam for taking our time for us and demonstrating to the public the correct way to perform these exercises I will keep making and sharing more such informational videos with you all But till then do press the bell icon So that you are always notified about our new videos Do subscribe to our channel Thank you so much

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