6 Pack Bags The Good The Bad and The Ugly

6 Pack Bags The Good The Bad and The Ugly

okay so the first six pack bag that we
have is this pink and grey one as you can see it’s pretty cold we’ll start
with the top so in the top of this bag you have a spot for utensils whatever
and then this six-pack bag gives you does you can’t take it out to clean it
which is a bad thing but there’s room in there for a bar whatever vitamins you
need to take you can throw that in here a batter almond stuff like that in the
ice packs actually go into the side so you have one ice pack here another ice
pack right here and this bag actually came with the best ice pack this is
really thick it’s like one big block of ice it’s not gel it doesn’t melt it
keeps everything ice-cold I still have these these have never busted on me
these are the best ice packs that they’ve ever had the bad thing about
this bag is as you can see the insulation is ripping but I’ve had this
for a very long time and I use it a lot the inside here is where I
would keep fruit juices water or anything like that
the other side is the same thing as you can say the lining is coming apart but
like I said I’ve had it for a long time and the fact has kind of been abused and
this is where the food paths go this is actually it has these um containers
which seal tight so you close it up if you have food that lifts up a little bit
you don’t have to worry about it close without seals tight perfect good
to go these things are pretty sturdy – I’ve microwaved these a ton and you see
a little scratches here and there but they’re still holding up like fantastic
so that is my first six pet cooler that I refused to get rid of all right my
second six pack cooler this is the ones that I’m using right now if we open up
the top you have a place for utensils they actually give you this in place of
the ones that you couldn’t wash this is great because I can put a ziplock bag in
here of almonds pickles vitamins all of that goes in here sealed tight good to
go with that five packs go in the sides just like the other one they’re not as
open so the ice packs for them our gel pack and they don’t stay as cold and
they do bust so I’ve had to have these replaced before for this particular bag
the lining is a lot better it’s tougher I use this as you can see her junk fruit
drift can go in there as you can see I’ve been using this so once again these
are the short type the chore type containers I think short sale containers
that go in here the only bad thing is because these
these gel packs don’t really keep anything cold what I’ve done is I put
the two gel packs from the top and then I also put one of these in the bottom
which isn’t the way that this bag is designed but it’s what works for me so
that’s what we did with this one all in all that’s okay I just was not
happy with the ice pack and it did busting it kind of got all over the
place on this bag but six pack bags zebra plate size packs but it took them
a while to replace it the third bag this is the one that I get the most attention
over but it is the worst six pack Fitness bag that I have had and actually
I’ve had four bags altogether but I sold one it was a 5 meal bag um like the
other ones that I showed you but anyway let me show you this let’s start with
the cool part all these zippers hold regular purse stuff the reason I really
wanted this bag is because I mean it is cool and it can hold my laptop so I have
a MacBook it goes right in here slides in easy have a little bit of space here
for anything else that I might need then if we turn this bag we’ve got a little
side pocket here we have another side pocket in here there is a zip zipper
here and there’s two little small pockets in here now we
get to the food part so in this bag this actually does have three ice packs and the pets that I use as you can see I
know that they bust and I don’t want this to get over all over my laptop so I
put them in ziplock bag so that when they do bus and this one has busted that
it will stay in the Ziploc so the small ones go in here in the top like so looks
kind of messy but it works for me this long one goes in here and then there’s a
spot for silverware right there now the bad part is that these containers
actually come with the bag because my good containers do not fit in here
they’re too long what really stinks about this is this will pop right off it
pops right off so if I have anything that’s like maybe like juicy or like
sometimes I put cucumbers in here and they’ve got like a little bit of juice
to them they’ll leak in the bag as you can see I have leaks in my bag they i
microwave them about the same while actually less I haven’t had this bag for
very long they don’t hold up they’re very um thin and flimsy they’re just I
don’t know I’m really sad that I ended up getting the bag to be honest but I
still use it it’s cool but I think I’m going back to my old bag a little bit
more but those are my bag let me know if you guys have any questions I’ll be more
than happy to answer any questions that you may have
but all in all this one right here is my favorite bag this this one

16 thoughts on “6 Pack Bags The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Hi Dawn!  I love these bags.  My son could really use something like those to take to work.  He always brings food to work.  This would be handy for him to carry his meal, snacks, and drinks. I'll have to show him this video.  Thank you for sharing!  Love! – Dorothy xoxo

  2. Thanks for showing those! I was wondering with that black bag, does the coolness from the freezer packs seep into the laptop compartment and make your laptop cold?

  3. I love the two first bags!! I want so bad one where I can keep all my water bottles and my protein shake cold until I go to the Gym, my bigger bag only hold one bottle inside where i have the ice and one outside, and then the other is usually in my gym bag.. so it means that one of the water finish warm to the end of the day 🙁 I will have to look for those bags on line. Thank you for the review 🙂

  4. Got some good bags there! Would come in handy packing my hubby and son their lunches for work 🙂
    Hugs. April XO

  5. Besides the container problem for bag#3/purse, there isn't really anything else you dislike about it? Im debating to buy one..!

  6. finally a video that comments on the improvement of the insulation. thank you! now I'm comfortable to buy another

  7. Hey – I wonder if you got a Mini, if the mini containers would fit in your purse bag…. they are smaller than the standard containers but they lock like the standard containers

  8. So it sounds like with the black purse (Tote) it's not so much of the bag itself, it's the container that you don't care for…ok🤔. Well just get new containers that will fit your needs.

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