5 Yoga Block Exercises

5 Yoga Block Exercises

When it comes to fitness equipment there are
many tools in the proverbial fitness toolbox, but one kind of unexpected tool I like to
use is the yoga block. This is good for raising the ground up to
you because the yoga block has a few different planes that you can do that to progress or
regress and it’s also good to use as an implement for ab work. So, first I’m going to show you a couple ways
to use it to raise the ground up to you the first ones going to be the skater squat. So, starting… always start with the yoga
block tallest and then if you find that you can easily use it at that height then you
can always progress and bring it down to shorter. So, for the skater squat it’s a unilateral
exercise, so you’re going to be standing on one foot. And, the opposite foot is going to be right
back behind you. So you’re going to lower down into your squat
feeling for that block. Once your shin hits it, then you can just
simply push through that heel and stand back up. So you’re really just raising that ground
up to you. I’m holding this pole right here, but you
can also progress it by taking your hands off, feeling for that shin, and then standing
back up. As that becomes easier, you would simply bring
it to this plane, and then down here. Another way that you can raise the ground
up to you to make an exercise more fun or a little bit harder is the offset push up. So, bring it down to the ground. One hand is going to be on that pushup one
hand is going to be on the ground and you’re just going to go into your basic push up here. So I’m working at a little bit different intensities. My left arm that’s not on the block is working
a little bit harder than my right, so you want to make sure and switch it up doing the
same amount of reps on the left side as well. Now to progress this you can raise it up here
or you could pass it like this. Pass, and then push. Now another way I like to use the yoga blocks
in my workouts is with ab work. So, basically any type of ab exercise that
you would use a weight, you can use a yoga block. So one way I like to use it is with the medicine
ball twist. In a seated position with your heels on the
ground, lean back with your arms extended, twisting from side to side. Make sure to use your abs to start and stop
the motion and to rotate the trunk of your body. Now one way to progress this exercise is just
lifting those heels right off the ground. Another ab exercise you can use with the yoga
block is putting that yoga block in between your toes and holding it, right. Now you’re going to lean back here and just
do little V-ups. This is beneficial because you’re really working
those abductors, the insides of your legs and also that internal rotation of your toes
will allow your abs to do the work more so than your hip flexors. So one other way I like to use the yoga block
with abs is the sit up, the sliding sit up. So you’re going to peel down on the ground
and then lift the yoga block up and then just slide it down your legs and then right back
up using that yoga block as a guide to keep your chest lifted and your arms extended. Now one way to advance this is to turn it
into a jack knife bringing your feet up and just reaching for those toes and then coming
back down. If this is too much you can bring those knees
into a bent leg position. So those are a few ways I like to use the
yoga block as a fitness tool in my workouts to bring the ground up and to use as an implement
for ab work.

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  1. Great video. On the first exercise though, the knee is going forward passing the ankle. I was told that the knees should always be above the ankle to prevent injury. Is that incorrect?

  2. I love how you exercise and find creative ways to use yoga blocks, but I think It's kinda useless, because you can also work out without it

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