5 Tight Muscle Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

5 Tight Muscle Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top five treatments for tight muscles. so let’s
get started. so the first thing you want to do when you have tight muscles is do a good warm-up first.
if you go into stretches right away, you usually don’t get as much benefit if you
warm up. then the muscles are nice and loose and warm and they stretch a little
bit better. so I usually like to use a band just to do a warm-up. so if I was
having my tight muscles maybe my quads my hamstrings maybe even my glutes, I
would just take a band and then just kind of put it around my thighs here and
then just lie down. and the reason I like the band is because it kind of gives you
some resistance in a bunch of different direction, so I’m going to do a bridge
but I’m gonna do a bridge with the band. so I have some resistance going this way
as well as when I come up .so I want to still keep my knees about hip, shoulder
width apart, and then I’m going to try and keep that amount of tension on it as
I come up into the bridge. so if I if my knees start coming in, and they can’t
hold that tension, it might just be a little bit too much of a resistance band.
but just holding right there come up into that bridge, get that nice kind of
straight line at the top if you can. if you can’t that’s okay and then just nice
and slow controlling it back down. so with this I
would just start off with maybe you know 10. you can do one to two sets of ten and
this is a great way to kind of get those muscles loosened up. it’s kind of a whole
leg kind of thing. you can also stand up and do some squats with the band as well.
so kind of using that band to get that extra kind of warm-up with it, but you’re
not doing a big heavy exercise yet. you’re just getting those muscles warm.
so after you get up nice and warmed up, then you can do a little bit of rolling
out. if your muscles are really tight sometimes stretches don’t quite do the
job, so you can use something like a rolling stick to kind of get it worked
out. so let’s say my quad’s really tight here. I like using a stick because you
have a little bit more control. you can come over on the side.
I get that IT band a little bit come up onto the quads. you can get the lateral
you can get the main one, you can get the VMO on the inside and then even the
adductor. so if I’m really tight in that area this is a great way to kind of
loosen it up. even if I wanted to go back into the hamstrings on this side I could
do that as well. so when you’re using a rolling stick, or something this one’s
nice because it is firm it doesn’t give. and so it gives you a lot of some
pressure on there you can easily just start off with maybe like one minute if
you have really tight muscles this this will work it out and you’re going to
feel it but eventually you can go up to you know two three maybe even five
minutes of just rolling out the whole body. you can kind of even go into the
calf as well and get it nice and loosened up. so if if you don’t have a
rolling stick, or if you know you want something maybe a little bit more
pressure than the rolling stick, you can use a roller. this one is really cool
because you can see it’s got some acupressure points on it. so again maybe
if I wanted to roll out my calves but maybe the stick wasn’t quite enough, then
I can start using a little bit of bodyweight pressure. so I’m just kind of
I can turn it in and out get all sides of that calf. these little acupressure
points are giving that extra push in there, and so I’m feeling a nice good
stretch in there. and if that’s not if that’s actually too much with the
acupressure points, you can take this piece off right here, and then just use
the roller. now this isn’t a foam roller you can see here it’s it’s made out of a
firm rubber material, so it’s nice and solid. so again this is going to give you
that nice pressure for those tight muscles to work them out. and so as you
can see here, I’ve used a couple different things so far and the folks at
Skyin sent me their recovery kit. and so this is really cool because if you
have if you work out a lot, and you have tight muscles sometimes it’s nice to
have a variety of things to use because you know this might be great for a
smaller muscle, this might be great for a larger muscle group. you know if you’re
doing your arms or your shoulders you can do it with just here, but that might
not but enough pressure. so you can get the
roller now since this is not a foam roller, since it’s that hard rubber, you
don’t want to do something like rolling out your spine because that’s going to
just be a little bit too much pressure. so just make sure that you’re aware of
that and so then also you can just use for the acupressure points here. so if
you were sitting you could put your feet on it. a lot of times when you have just
general tight muscles even down into your feet like a plantar fascia
maybe, the plantar fasciitis or just maybe some cramping and the arches. if
you’re sitting in a chair, you might get more pressure you can also just if
you’ve got some tightness in your low low back. a lot of times those
acupressure points have been shown to really kind of help relax the muscles. so
you can just kind of lie down on it for some people this might be uncomfortable
at first because you know they’re they’re little points. so you feel the
kind of tingling feeling but if you lie here for long enough maybe a minute to
two minutes it gets a kind of nice warm feeling because it just helps increase
the circulation. and a lot of times with tight muscles, what’s happening is you’re
not getting good circulation in there. so that’s just a really really good way to
kind of try different things and get that that blood flowing that circulation
increase to get those tight muscles out of there. and the strap is really cool I
wanted to go back to that really quickly because you can see here that you can
change the loop size, and that also gives you a little bit of different tension. so
it has a couple different spots here where you can change it which is really
nice as well. and then it also has a little two little silicone strips on the
inside so then it doesn’t slip as much. so this is a really cool type of band as
well and it’s also cloth instead of latex so it’s gonna last you a lot
longer than other types of resistive bands. so if you’re interested in
purchasing the recovery kit make sure and click on the link up there .so the
last one that I really like is kind of doing just a whole body stretch.
especially if you’re tight sometimes you might just be maybe tight in your calves
because you’re running a lot, but a lot of times if you’re doing a whole body
workout you’re you’re tight kind of all over. and probably my favorite whole body
stretch is a prayer stretch. and so with a prayer,
if you’re comfortable getting down on your knees that’s great on the floor any
of these you it’s better to do on a firm surface, but you can do them on your
couch or on the bed. but if your knees aren’t too painful just to come down
like this. you’re gonna go into a prayer stretch where then you’re just
stretching your arms out and then coming all the way down. so you can see here I’m
stretching out my shoulders. if I have some tight shoulders I’m stretching out
my hips, my knees, and even my feet. you can see they’re pointed out so it’s
really a nice whole body stretch. and so this one you’d really want to lie here
for about thirty seconds and then come back up and do three times. so you can
you can start here and roll out or if that doesn’t quite work for you maybe if
your knees are a little tight, you can actually start with your hands out in
front of you, and then lean back. so if I couldn’t go all the way down I’m still
getting a really nice shoulder stretch. I’m still stretching out my hips and my
knees and my feet as well. so I really like to finish off with that whole body
stretch which is really nice. so those were my top five treatments for muscle
tightness. if you’re interested in purchasing the recovery kit, make sure
and click on the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down
there. and remember be safe, have fun ,and I hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Thanks for the reminder to get my rolling stick back out, especially for my calves. Have you tried something like the Tim Tam yet? I just got one about a week ago and I'm really liking it, a DPT perspective would be awesome!

  3. I am an handicapped person i cant walk properly without support i walkvwith sitck so can u show me some exercise for my leg purpose n my leg is to tight i cant walk on my toes while walking in my right i cant give my wait in my toes so plzzz give me some solution, i am waiting for ur next video regarding my legs tightness solution.

  4. Doc Jo…… that rolling pin is genius!
    Already feel better in 5 minutes…. after weeks of nagging pain in legs.
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Madam plzz tell me I'm durgarao my age 25 I'm legs muzzle is completely weakness how fit d strength the muzzle even I'm not walk on two steps also plzz tell me the u r suggestion tqs in advance..

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