5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout 💪

5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout 💪

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel So today’s video is a highly requested video is a five minutes warm-up routine You can add this edits out of any of your workouts Before we jump into it smash that like button and subscribe And let’s do this. So we’ve got 12 exercises for our warm up No rest since it’s just a warm-up the first seven are 30 seconds each and the last five are 20 seconds Let’s start with slow high knee Lift your knees up high and crunch and engage that core of yours You can always speed it up and do a regular high knee, but you don’t have to since this is just a warm-up Straightaway, we’ll have butt kickers start slow and halfway through the exercise, you can bring the speed up into a jog Now we have jumping jacks You can do the regular jumping jacks but if you prefer to not jump you can do sidestep jacks instead Adjust it based on how you feel We have inchworm with up and down plank Start with your feet shoulder width apart And walk your hands forward into a high plank then get on your elbow into a low plank then back up again Now we have downward dog with a knee tuck raise one leg behind you then bring it into your chest Then do the same on the other side Let’s do some shoulder circles do big circles with your arms in a clockwise motion for 15 seconds Then in an anti-clockwise motion for the next 15 seconds We have touches next. Touch your foot with your opposite hand rotate your torso while you do the movement and be safe guys Now we have lunge and kick bring one leg behind and lunge down and come back up and do a front kick This helps to warm up our legs Now do the same on the other side Now we have low lunge with a twist. This helps to warm up both your upper body And also your hip flexors do about four to five times each side Now on to the other side The final warm-up Exercise is sumo squat with shoulder dip start in a sumo squat and place your hands behind your head like so then rotate your upper body And that’s the one up guys now You can move on to the next workout if you’re still not feeling warm yet You can do another round. Feel free to do this warm up routine at the start of every workout session You can do it before any of my programs and workouts Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

100 thoughts on “5 Min Warm Up Routine | Effective Warm Up Before ANY Workout 💪

  1. Finally! Thanks for this. I'm so loyal to your workouts i don't want to use warm up from others. Lol. Love you!

  2. Starting your summer shred program today and as soon as I wake up I see you uploaded this video! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Yes! I really needed this Chloe, thanks! I’m almost done with the summer program!❤️❤️

  4. Omg im just glad i am able to do warm up or workout along with you cause i dont like having to put a timer plus it feels like im actually suffering with someone else 😂

  5. I get so happy and motivated, everytime I See a new Workout-Video 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Chloe I m ur big fan…i watching ur all abs workout videos..And I am doing exercise regularly 2tims… It's very effective…Tnx Chloe keep it up 💞👍

  7. Adding this warm up to the summer shred program!! Work that summer body 💪🏼💪🏼

  8. This is a good idea 😁 now you don't have to include a warm up in each video. A good cool down/stretching video would also be great!!

  9. I just wanna say this but ive been doing a lot of your workout abs videos for about a month. I would do an abs workout video and an obliques one. Im so happy with my results thank you!

  10. Chloe you changed my life my thighs are much lean and my stomach is flat and I lost lots of weight from my thighs I love Chloe ting thanks 🙏 sis you are a lifesaver 🧡💜💚

  11. And Sis that booty is looking peachy good job 👏 sis 💛❤️💚🧡🍑

  12. I was wondering if you can do a workout routine focusing on lower back fat??? Like love handles because I don't really notice a difference in that area when I do your workers :>

  13. Love this video
    Full body stretching video next plz 💕💕
    Sorry I’m not a native English speaker

  14. Can we get a cool down next!! When you do the cooldowns in videos do you think you could add that little video at the bottom telling you what’s next? It really helps! 😆

  15. Ur videoss are amazing i loveeee uuu u're thee bestt 😍i hopee u do a videoo abt ur morning routinee i really need it ❤

  16. Wonderful workout great quick warmup Chloe looking beautiful sexy great job 💖💖💖

  17. Chloe u are an animal! I jus finished ur lower ab and full body workout and I am drenched in sweat! But somehow u make it look so easy 😅 Since I started ur workouts (which has only been a couple weeks) I have noticed such an improvement in myself, I'm almost able to keep up with u! Thank u so much, u r such an inspiration! 💖💖

  18. Wow! This video will be my daily “wake up” workout! Hahaha I’m certain that’s gonna be perfect to really wake up more actively 😊 thank you so much, Chloe! 💕 love you!

  19. 3 questions!!
    1) any shoes you prefer that don't slip around a lot when working out?
    2) what brand of sports bras do you like? I've been trying to find, to no avail, to find some that are comfortable and secure.
    And 3) WHAT KIND OF MAT IS THAT!? It looks so squishy and comfortable to use.
    Thanks Chloe! Love the videos!

  20. Ok so what do you recommend me your vids? I wanna do track next year so what leg workout of yours can I use to make my legs muscular and not just slim????

  21. I always watch and do your vids since day 1 that i first saw it in youtube. The exercise steps are very easy and the musics are so encouraging to start the day. Keep inspiring us all miss chloe. Thank you and God Bless❤

  22. why do we have to warmup tho? i know we’re supposed to stretch and all that but yea just my opinion haha love you chloe!!

  23. this video is so helpful. i always struggles with finding a good warm routine but i’m so glad you made this. thanks so much chloe

  24. Thx sooooooooo much!! Me and my friends need this! Lysm!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. I did this and it felt like a whole workout( like not a warm up)for me😂😂but thanks!💞

  26. Finally a short but intense warm up. The big mistake I always make is working out without warmup and stretching
    Please make a cool down/ stretching video?❤

  27. Usually when I do warm ups I just do a quick incline walk on the treadmill. But I am going to start incorporating this into my routine and doing this before I go to the gym

  28. Just started adding this on before the 11 abs workout and I LOVE IT! It really gets you warmed up everywhere!

  29. Could you make a video talking about working our on the period? (Cause i am wondering that when i follow your programs, then my period comes so should i keep on the program)

    Btw I miss this room.
    Thank you for your videos, Choe!

  30. Hey Chloe, could you provide a good effective cooldown routine? Thank you for all your videos! They have helped me lose fat and gain strength! Good luck to all others on their fitness journey 💪

  31. It's morning here in Croatia and with only your warm up routine I am feeling this will be good and proactive day! I just love to see your workout routines generally because each one is different but in the same time killer and effective 😀

  32. Hi, Chloe. I have one question that's been bugging me. Should I eat before or after a workout session?

  33. Perfect!! I find I always get sore when I start working out. Mostly cause I just jump right into an exercise 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. Super helpful, thank you so much! I'm always (and I mean ALWAYS) trying to figure out what suitable warm ups to do before I work out, and now I can just follow along with this!

  35. i'm doing this because someone on the street said 'she is bare fat' and was looking at me i started crying i'm only 12 years old 🙁

  36. Man, it's very effective! I enjoyed it. I could see this warm up turning into a quick workout for the days I don't have time or energy.

  37. this doesn't feel like a warm up to me, its more of an exercise. i just woke up, wanted to warm up and do an exercise but my brain isn't ready for this….

  38. warm up
    30secs each
    slow high knee
    butt kickkers
    jumping jacks
    inchworm (up and down)
    downard dog knee tuck
    shoulder circles (clockwise & counter clockwise)
    toe touches

    20secs each
    lunge and kick (left foot)
    lunge and kick (right foot)
    low lunge (left foot)
    low lunge (right foot)

    sumo squat dip shoulder

  39. Damn Chloe, I haven’t even started my workout yet and my legs are already killin’ me 😩😭 still love you tho

  40. slow high knee
    butt kickers
    jumping jacks
    inchworm + up 'n down
    downward dog + knee tuck
    shoulder circles
    toe touches
    lunge kick – l 'n r
    low lunge – l 'n r
    sumo squat shoulder dip

  41. 💟❤❤❤❤❤❤💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💓💓💓💟💟💟💟

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