8 thoughts on “4 Tips People w/ Six Pack Abs Know – Six Pack Tips – 6 Pack Tips – Diet Tips

  1. In August 2013 I started working out with HasFit videos, I weighed 215 at 5'9". I have lost 32 lbs , size 38 to 34 inch waist and feel great. I have cut out all salt from cooking or at the table, and eating fich, chicken, protein and salds for lunch. The work outs are great as I mix the cardio, weights and ab routines. The best part is I do my routine every morning, 3 days on – 1 day off. I am 60 years old and this is the first time in my life that I had to lose weight. But with age the metabolism changes, eating habits change and exercise changes. So thanks to HasFit I am back in shape and feeling great. Thank you.

  2. I very rarely eat white starches. does it matter where we get our protein from? i.e  nuts? meat? etc…

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