3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

3 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Mass w/ Joel Thomas

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Joel Thomas here today I’m going to take you guys through three of my favorite
mass building exercises for biceps so the first bicep exercise today we’re
gonna do spider curls I really like anything that’s chest supported whether
it’s a back exercise bicep exercise or whatever it just takes your ability to
swing and kind of rock and take the momentum out of whatever exercise you’re
doing that would cheat attention off of the muscle that you’re trying to work
and start my arms fully extended and they’re just at a hang so I’m not
bringing them forward or backwards and wherever my elbows are at the start of
the exercise I want to leave them there so I don’t want it to be a drag curl
so my elbows are gonna freeze here and then curl out front squeeze the
top just for a half of a second and then slow on the way down full stretch at the
bottom and back here so triceps you’re gonna lock out at the bottom
elbows aren’t gonna go anywhere and I’m just gonna squeeze up and the controlled
negative basically this just keeps you from
cheating it doesn’t allow you to lean back and rock into the exercise
where you really just have to pull with the biceps and another thing is I’ll see
a lot of people rushing the negatives on bicep stuff especially and you really
want to get a nice control negative that’s really where you’re gonna get
some soreness that’s really gonna help the muscle building just slowing down
the negative on bicep stuff so for this exercise I’m usually going to start with
at least three to four warm-up sets whether it’s just dumbbell curls or just
lighter weight here I just really like to warm up those muscles and get some
blood flow to that connective tissue just to prevent injury after my warm-up
sets I’m gonna do about three to four real working sets maybe leaving one rep
in reserve I’m not gonna go all the way to failure and that’s going to allow me
to keep my form a little tighter so the second bicep exercise is going to
be a preacher curl I’m gonna add a little bit of variation to it I’m gonna
do full extension full contraction for the first eight reps for the second
eight reps I’m gonna sit way way over the top and
just focus on the top part of the contraction so basically what I’ll be
doing is an isolated just contraction at the top so I’m just gonna be working
there that top half or quarter of the rep to where I’m really making my biceps
contract hard almost to where they’re gonna cramp so I like to grab a little
bit wide leave my elbows exactly where they are make sure for these the elbows
keep contact with the pad throughout the movement what you don’t want is to sit
back off of this pad and your elbows rock up you basically cheating tension
off the bicep so elbows dug into the pad full reps and once I get to eight I’m
gonna sit way over the top this way and just work this top little range so for these I’m going to do 4 sets of 8
and 8 so 8 full 8 top partials alright so I’m going to finish the bicep workout with hammer curls there are a couple different variations some people
like to do them right in front I like to do them across basically reach into the
far pec I feel like I get a little more forearm out of that too so here it goes so I’m kind of just leaving my elbows
where they are and pulling across so for sets and reps here I’m going to
do two working sets to where I’m almost at failure if it’s a week before a deload
week I’ll go all the way to failure and then on my third set I’m gonna turn that
into a drop set so I may start at 50 pounds and then I’ll drop to 35 20 15 and
finish off with tens so I’m really wiping it out just on the last set of
these those are three of my favorite mass
building exercises for biceps go give them a try thanks for watching and go
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  2. Please stop with that bullshit ‚exercises for mass‘ there are no fucking exercises for mass!!! You want to get muscle mass ? Do your exercises heavier or do some drop sets super sets heavydutty training time on tention or what ever and eat in a calorie surplus !!! There are no fucking ‚mass exercises‘ for a small muscle like biceps.. doing standing curls with a barbell dumbell or with cables doesn‘t matter, you just have too add more weight from time to time and that‘s it…. idiots

  3. This is the second video in a row that if I waited one more day or you uploaded this one day earlier I could have tried these out 🤣🤣

  4. I do hammers across the body as well, you do engage your shoulders a bit more but they do keep more consistent tension on the bicep though (for me anyways)

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