2017 Mustang GT Gets 600+HP Supercharger, Air Suspension, and GT350 Exterior – Hot Lap

2017 Mustang GT Gets 600+HP Supercharger, Air Suspension, and GT350 Exterior – Hot Lap

I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com. And on this episode of Hot Lap, we’re doing
all the mods. Boy, do we have a fun one for you here today,
guys. Behind me, 2017 shadow black GT that belongs
to Kylan. Now Kylan is an AM employee and he’s been
stockpiling a bunch of parts for a very long time. Now as you can see, he’s already got a couple
things going on. He’s got the car lowered a little bit, Corsa
exhaust, some GT350 bits on the inside and that MMD spoiler. But from here on out he’s going full send
with a bunch of really cool parts, Air Lift suspension kit, lower long tubes. He’s gonna top it all off with a brand new
set of wheels and tires. Guys, this will be a fun one. Of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel
if you haven’t done so already, but for now we’ve got a lot to do in a little amount of
time, so let’s get this thing over to Tony’s lift. All right, guys, so we’re starting off Kylan’s
build here by setting the foundation, if you will, and that, of course, means suspension. Now Tony and I just got finished yanking out
his stock stuff with Steeda Springs. Did the trick form for a few thousand miles,
had a nice ride height, but he got a deal he couldn’t refuse on an Air Lift manual kit. What does that mean? Well, it’s not the V2 kit, it’s not the V3
kit. Hell, this thing isn’t even digital, it’s
fully analog or manual, and what does that mean? Well, Kylan’s literally gonna be hitting switches
for the, well, you know the rest. Each switch does control each bag, Air Lift
tosses in two gauges, two needles per gauge, so this is gonna be for the front bags, the
rear bag bags, we’re gonna have to find a place to mount these guys in addition to the
switches themselves and then he’s gonna control everything by the switches, nothing is automated. So some might argue it’s not nearly as convenient
as the more expensive kits but the flip side is he saving a lot more money by going with
the manual setup. And listen, guys, I know not everybody is
into the Air Lift stuff. I mean it’s kind of a love it or hate it thing,
but that doesn’t mean they don’t do a great job on building their components. Fully adjustable dampers, obviously your airbag
here which will function as your spring, dampers themselves are adjustable and they even toss
in some really nice caster camber plates up top. So say what you will about the system but
I’ve ridden in a bunch of them. They ride great and the ability to slam the
car at your show or in the grocery store, whatever, is pretty darn cool. So I’m gonna stop yapping because the hard
part is still to come. We’ve got to install the air tank, wire up
the compressor, run all the airlines, find a spot for the gauges and the switches and
then lay this thing out and see how it looks. All right, guys, moment of truth. Let’s lay this thing out. There you go. We are now tucking those F14s in the front
and rear and the car is absolutely laid out on the ground. Again, I know this isn’t everybody’s cup of
tea here but you have to admit it looks pretty damn cool with everything on the ground. I will say Tony did a great job on the manual
setup in the center console, has the switches off flush-mounted in there, the two gauges
from Air Lift to see your bag pressure and basically adjust your ride height that way. The digital setup is certainly a little bit
more user friendly and a lot easier to install. You don’t have to run miles of airline like
where Tony did here with this particular setup but you’re saving some money and it’s still
pretty easy to use. You just basically operate each switch at
a time and you get your bag pressure to where you want it and you’re good to go. So a very nice kit for sure, I hope Kylan
likes how this thing looks. I mean, what else can you say, man, a car
laid out on these F14s, it really does look pretty killer, so got to get this thing back
on the lift for some performance stuff. Best part about Air Lift, just raise it up
and put it on the lift. Well, Mr. Long Tube himself, Tony just wrapped
up with the install of Kylan’s long tube headers. He actually went with the Kooks 2-inch primaries
here with the green cats. Now truth be told, guys for the first time
I’ve seen a 2-inch primary on a Coyote. I’m kind of curious to see how it’s gonna
do. It’s certainly gonna be moving enough air
to justify him, but Tony says it was a little tight getting them in compared to a like a
one and three-quarter or a one and five-eighths. However, Kooks quality, they fit great, look
great and he is working with the green cats. Now these things are awesome, they’re basically
the only EPA-certified high-flow cat out there, so you’re getting some of the benefits of
the high-flow cat, but you’re getting a high five from mother nature and the best part
is you’re not gonna throw any cat inefficiency codes that can sometimes come along with either
deleting the cats altogether or going with a traditional high-flow cat. Trust me, I know, you got to do the [inaudible
00:04:54], the whole nine yards, it’s just a pain in the butt. These things take all of that out of it plus
you’re doing some good stuff for the environment, so good on Kooks for implementing those into
some of their long tubes and overall this should sound pretty gnarly especially when
you see what exhaust we’re working with. Now you see the Double Hilux, that’s a telltale
sign of a Corsa Xtreme. Now, this is one thing Kylan and actually
had for his car prior to the build and I’m drifting back a little bit because you’ll
notice he has quads on this thing, but he also has a stock ’15 to ’17 base bumper, it
doesn’t even have a premium bumper on this. I’m actually really proud of Kylan, he cut
this thing out and it looks pretty damn good. I will say that not perfect but he got a great
deal on a set of quads so he made them fit. So hat tip to Kylan for that. We are going to address that officially later
on in this build with a proper rear bumper setup, but for now, pretty impressed and overall,
guys getting to the sound, Corsa Xtreme long tube headers. We’ve seen this video before, right? You know how this thing ends, it’s gonna be
loud. However, with the green cats in place, it
should kind of tame it down a little bit as opposed to going like full-blown off-road
stuff. But that’s pretty much it. Underneath the car for now, we’re gonna get
this thing down and dive into the main course and start getting Kylan’s car a lot more power. So let’s do it. All right guys. Here’s the money shot, right? Look at all these fancy parts. Now Kylan is going with the VMP GEN II-R Stage
2 Kit for his S550. Very, very awesome kit. The blower itself, the GEN II-R is essentially
a ported housing right out of the box, gonna flow a bunch of air capable of a lot of power
starting with that 82-millimeter pulley here with the Stage 2 Kit. Now, sure I know the 265 has been released
and that is the big brother but don’t count out the little guys, this thing can still
get it done, trust me. Now in addition to the blower itself, you’re
also getting this massive triple pass heat exchanger and dual fan setup. Really crucial in helping to keep those IAT
two temps down, keep the blower happy in making consistent power. Obviously the twin 60-millimeter throttle
body with this kit, not a huge fan personally, I’d like to see and go with either TwinJet
67 or a big old monoblade, but he’s also got the 56-pound injectors and basically everything
he needs to get this thing in place. Now he’s gonna wrap it all together with the
SCT handheld device there and a tune from our friends over at Lund Racing. So very stoked on this combo, should be a
very fun setup on the street, make a ton of torque and now is the time where I go on vacation
and hand the reins over to Tony then by the time I get, thing should be making a lot of
power. How’s it going, Tony? Tony: Just fine, Justin. I got this. Justin: All right. We’ll keep up the good work. Tony: I’ll do that. Could really use my 8-millimeter gun right
about now. Justin: I’ve got you covered buddy, no problem. Here you go. Tony: Thank you. Justin: Keep up the good work. Tony: I will. Justin: All right, Tony looking good, my friend. How’d it go? Tony: Went great, just topping off the fluids
for you. Justin: My man, save me the easy part, right? Tony: That’s right. Justin: The tune. Well, there it is guys. Tony wasted no time getting the VMP GEN II-R
blower in place here under the hood. Looking killer, 82-millimeter pulley, about
10-pounds of boost. We also have the 56-pound injectors with those
unique high-flow fuel rails, Boost-A-Pump, NGK plugs gapped to about 30 thousandths,
and we also have the JLT 3.0 oil separator in place to prevent any oily blow-by from
gumming up the rotors on that 2.3 TVS. Very killer looking setup guys, looks great
under the hood with that Roush airbox. Kylan’s going with the 93 octane tune from
our friends at Lund Racing so I have our base file, we’re about ready to upload that right
now, get some datalogs for the crew over at Lund before we go full send and see what this
thing is really making. Now before we do all that, we’re not quite
done here in Tony’s bay. And as you can see, Kylan’s front bumper is
pretty banged up, his rear isn’t looking the best either. So we’re gonna fix that for him, get this
thing on the dyno and make a whole hell of a lot of noise. Let’s go. So as I mentioned earlier, Kylan’s front bumper
was a little trashed, so he had something in mind and well here it is, the MP Concept
GT350 style front bumper for his S550. And I have to say it looks absolutely killer
now that Tony and I finally have it installed. These things do ship unpainted, so Kylan took
care of that on his own. Got this thing sprayed shadow black, matches
really well and the fitment is dead on. I was really impressed with that, sometimes
with replica stuff, it can be hit or miss but that wasn’t the case here. Fits like a glove, looks really sharp, comes
with all of the chin spoilers, the grilles, things like that, and just makes this thing
complete. We also tossed in the Vividline Switchback
bulbs here for his turn signals. Fog light delete with this bumper, but we
got the Switchbacks in there for his turn signals now at least working in conjunction
with the new style of fog lights that comes along with the MP Concept stuff. So overall, very cool, totally transforms
the look of the car, in my opinion. But now we’re gonna flip this thing around
because I told you earlier this rear bumper was all hacked up to fit those quads. Well, now we’re gonna do things the right
way. So if you guys remember earlier in the video
I showed you the fact that Kylan did have a quad tip Corsa on his ’15 to ’17 with a
base bumper. How did he do that? Well, he basically hacked up his rear bumper,
did so in a pretty nice way. I’m not gonna hate on him. But officially it was a hacked up based bumper. So what we have in place now is a premium
bumper that’s usually the two piece deal with the diffuser from the factory, but instead
of the factory diffuser, there is now the Roush rear valance which does make way for
the quad tip. So in my opinion, guys, the proper way to
add a quad setup to your ’15 to ’17 without hacking a bunch of stuff up and it’s gonna
look really good once those Coursas are back in place. As you can see it is color match shadow black. You can get this thing with the backup sensors
if you have a premium car. But since this is a base car, again, Kaylan
didn’t have to worry about that. So we’re gonna throw the Corsa back on. We’re gonna button the rear end of the car
up, throw the taillights on, move this thing over to the dyno. But something tells me, Corsa, the Kooks long
tubes, it’s about to get loud. All right, guys. So we just wrapped up with Kylan’s dyno pool
here after all of his modifications, look at that, we’re finally learning our lesson. Safety first, kids, protect that hearing. But let’s talk dyno numbers. Baseline Kylan’s car made 387/357 to the rear
tires, now it’s making 608/516. I know a lot of you guys at home right now
are probably thinking, man, I thought that thing would make a little bit more. Well, here’s the deal, guys. Kylan still got an 82-millimeter pulley on
that thing, so not a lot of boost. He’s injector limited thanks to those 56 pounders
and that twin 60-millimeter factory Ford throttle body definitely isn’t doing him any favors. So what’s that mean? Well, pulley down a little bit to an 80 maybe
even a 79, throw a lot more injector at that, maybe an ID1000 and switch out that throttle
body and I guarantee you those numbers would be a lot closer to the 700 wheel horsepower
mark. But for now guys, Kylan’s got himself a fun
little streetcar here with about 600 horsepower to the tire. So that means I get to take this thing out
now and see how she feels. Well, guess I had to make sure this thing
is broken in the AM way. So again, right around 600 wheel horsepower
here, just over 500 foot-pounds. Yes, I’m sure some of you guys are like, really
that’s it? But that’s just kind of what these cars make
a with this pulley size. Now Kylan is currently limited to injector
size, so he can’t really pulley down and go too crazy in that regard. I also think his throttle body is holding
him back a little bit. Again, a twin 65, twin 67 or a monoblade would
certainly wake this thing up a little bit. Not that it’s sleeping by any sense. But overall, listen, what kind of world do
we live in where we’re like only 600 horsepower? You know, let’s face it, 600 is still a lot
of power at the end of the day, especially where Kylan was when we first started this
thing, which was south of 400 horsepower. So 200 plus horsepower to the tire is nothing
to be ashamed about. But a lot of that too guys is a function of
the pulley size which we’ve already talked about, along with those massive 2-inch primaries
from Kooks, which sound sexy as hell, by the way. Boost is kind of a byproduct of back pressure. So when you relieve the back pressure like
we did here with those massive primaries, and we also added the performance connect
from Kooks by the way. So we got rid of that neck down. So this thing’s really breathing well and,
as a result, we probably even lowered that boost a little bit more. But enough talking. Yes. Here, another overpass. This never gets old. I’ve done 100 of these videos and I still
laugh like it’s the first time every time. If you stop laughing or stop having fun doing
pulls in 600 horsepower cars, you have a big dump in your pants. But man, we’re cruising on the highway right
now and with the Air Lift setup, really comfortable, I’m not gonna lie. Listen, talk about a love it or hate it mod,
if there was ever any one thing in the Mustang community that gets people so riled up, it’s
bags on a Mustang and you got a lot of people who love it, you got a lot of people who think
it’s sacrilege and there’s some people that kind of exist in the middle, kind of like
me. I think it looks absolutely killer laid out
just on the ground, tucking those Forgestars. Judgment aside or your personal feelings aside,
it’s hard to hate on the versatility, if you will, of this setup. Now, it should be noted that Kylan did put
a McLeod RST in this thing. He’s got the clutch for the build. I don’t want you guys thinking this was still
on a stock clutch or anything. Last but not least, the looks. Kylan’s car, the front and rear bumpers had
seen better days, The MP Concepts GT350 front end, It’s just a huge upgrade. Rear again, we threw on the GT premium rear
bumper in addition to the Roush valance for the quads. It’s just a really sharp looking car now and
hey, it’s also got 600 wheel on tap, ready to turn a few heads. Kylan, before we get outta here, I gotta do
something buddy, hitting them switches. All right, Kylan. Here you go, brother. Not a bad shot. Hey guys we hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for watching. For all things Mustang, keep it right here
at americanmuscle.com.

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