2017 Cannondale Quick 5 – Fitness Bike Video Review

2017 Cannondale Quick 5 – Fitness Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is peter from bikes and
life. Now we’re going to show you a super quick intro to the cannondale quick 5
from 2017. This bike is designed for fitness,
comfort, commuting, little bit of everything. So long as it’s on road because it
doesn’t have a suspension fork in the front or any shock absorbers in the back
but it does have these nice big tires, that are designed to roll over bumps and
rocks and cracks in the road. It also has some great safety
features with a reflective sidewall and all the details along the frame from
these little bits from the chainstays to seat tube up here and along the down to
but even the cannondale logos in the side and in the front of the bike are all
designed to help you with high visibility at night so when the
headlights are on the bike it’s nice and bright and you are safe. Now
let me show you quick how to use the bike you have two different sets of
gears up here, so if we look on the back of the handlebar actually you can see
that we’ve got one through nine on the right and you can press the big lever,
for your easy gear and the trigger underneath for your fast reduce and
that’s going to change the derailleur in the back. when you’re on gear number nine that’s
your bigger gear that your hill climbing gear. So when you’re going slower starting up
for climbing a hill you want to press this big paddle lever
to get to your easier riding gear now on the left. You also have another lever, so you have
a big lever and a small lever, now funny enough this is actually the
opposite, the big lever is going to take you to your faster gears and the small
lever is going to take you to your slower more hill-climbing gears. now so
long as you know that you can basically shift to the one that you want to be in
generally like are you going fast are you going slow are you going somewhere in the middle
and then from there you can kind of work on these years over here to tune it the
way you like. Now when it comes to breaking and
stopping the cannondale quick 5 uses a hydraulic disc brake mechanism. Now you can see down here that’s where
the brakes are actually down in the middle of the wheel just like they would be on a car or a
motorcycle and the benefit of a disc brake is that it takes all the braking
force down here, and has nothing to do with the wheel. So if you happen to be one of those
people that doesn’t take your bike to the bike shop that often, you actually will get away with it
pretty well on this bike because it’s set up to the durable and not need as
much close attention to maintenance. Well that’s about it when it comes to
the 2017 cannondale quick basically a fitness bike for all around general use durable, tough, quality manufacturing from
the great mark like cannondale so you can expect this to be a lot of fun and
very easy to ride so if you want to check out more bike
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best experience this year. Hey thanks so much for watching take
care and have fun..

18 thoughts on “2017 Cannondale Quick 5 – Fitness Bike Video Review

  1. I love this channel. Subbed.
    Two quick question: 1) what is the difference between Quick 5, Quick 4,… (same as Bad Boy 1, 2,…) and 2) What's the difference between Quick and Bad Boy models? I'm looking for a city bike that I can even use to go around (out of town) whenever I can. Which one should I buy? Thanks!

  2. All of your reviews are great….just please turn off the background music when you are talking. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for the quick look! I'll be looking at the Quick 1…

    Question – why on earth would Cannondale reverse the shifting direction on the levers for the front chainring and rear cog shifters? It makes no sense to me and is really non-intuitive! Things are already complicated by having to use two different levers to shift up and down.

    I am using a 25-year-old bike with twist grip shifters and it's so easy and so intuitive. This seems like a step backward in usability all around…

  4. I have a quick speed sl 1 2015 and it is a lovely bike! The main stand out thing for me is how comfortable it is. There is no suspension as such yet the carbon forks and "save" rear seat stays do a fantastic job of smoothing the ride out. I've even taken it off road a few times on gravelly paths etc and it's great. I don't think I'd get a quick 5, you're better paying more for a model with a carbon front fork and the save seat stays. That makes all the difference.

  5. i love fitness bikes but they are so rare in my country (Trek FX especially). Here, people are at the extremes road vs mountain.

  6. Good afternoon.
    Is the price difference worth getting a Cannondale Quick 3 instead ?
    Thank for you time and very good videos.

  7. Plz give a review for giant escape 1 planning to buy either cannondale quick 5 or giant escape 1 I am totally confused plz help me out with this plz..

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