2015-2020 Mustang MP Concepts Blade Rear Spoiler – Matte Black Review & Install

2015-2020 Mustang MP Concepts Blade Rear Spoiler – Matte Black Review & Install

Hey guys, it’s Sara with americanmuscle.com
and today we have a review and install the MP Concepts Rear Blade Spoiler in Matte Black,
fitting your ’15 and newer Ford Mustang. This is perfect for the Mustang owner looking
to add some style to their car and wants a budget-friendly spoiler option with a nice
matte black finish. This spoiler features track-inspired styling
with a notch design to get you that aftermarket appearance that you’re looking for. This spoiler is constructed from injection-molded
acrylic plastic and features a matte black finish that you can leave as is or paint to
match your Mustang. So, as far as price goes, this one comes in
at around $150 making it one of the most budget-friendly spoiler options for your Mustang. I’m giving this install a two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. The most difficult part here is the drilling
which is required for install. All in all it can be done within two hours. So with that said, let’s jump into our install. For this install you will need a rag or microfiber,
a drill with 1/8 and 1/4-inch drill bits, a 10-millimeter socket, small extension, a
ratchet, scissors, safety goggles, painters tape as well as the 3M double-sided adhesive. All right, so the first step in our install
is to make sure your decklid is clean and dry. If you’re using any cleaners, make sure that
none of them are oil-based so the adhesive from the wing can stick. Grab a microfiber and just make sure it’s
free of any dust. Next step, you wanna grab a pair of scissors
and we’re gonna cut out this template a little more just cutting the excess off this backside
here. Since this is towards the back of the car,
it’s gonna help us to fit it a little bit better. Just grab a pair of scissors and just cut
along this outside line, doesn’t have to be perfect but just don’t cut the black line
itself. Okay, now we have this piece of paper on the
decklid, you see why we sliced off the end here. This helps us align this black line with the
edge of your decklid. And we’re also aligning the edge here on this
template with the edge of the decklid in the fender. Now, this doesn’t come all the way to the
end, you should just make sure that it’s evenly gapped side to side and that there’s an even
gap all the way along here at the edge of your fender. And once you’re happy with the fitment, tape
it down. We’re just gonna throw a few more pieces of
tape around this template to make sure it holds in place while we drill. We are using painters tape here so it’s not
gonna damage the paint, we wanna be able to remove this as soon as our holes are drilled. And again, while you’re taping, just double-check
this template is sitting where you want it to sit evenly around your decklid so that
the wing will sit evenly. And I’m just gonna throw one or two pieces
of tape right close to the hole where we’re drilling to make sure the template stays in
place. All right, so with our template in place,
double, triple check it’s sitting where you want it. We’re gonna grab our drill with an 1/8-inch
drill bit, we’re gonna drill through these holes that are marked in each corner. I have some eye protection on, especially
with anything where you’re drilling through metal, I would suggest you put them on as
well. So, grab your drill with your drill bit, let’s
drill through these two marked holes. All right, so you’ll feel it break through
the outer decklid, you need to go through both layers as well. So, go ahead and go back in that hole that
you drilled, make sure that you’re drilling through both layers. Repeat that process on the other side. All right, so by the looks of it our hole
lines up with this rubber plug right here. So, we’re gonna pull it off, and it looks
as if we don’t need to drill through this second layer here because it lines up pretty
nicely as is. So, as long as you have your hole in the outer
layer of your decklid you should be fine. All right, so now that the pilot hole is drilled,
we’re gonna grab a 1/4-inch drill bit and just drill out the hole a little bit larger. Now, because of the plastic caps we just saw
inside the trunk, we’re just gonna drill through this outer layer, we’re not going through
both. Repeat that on the other side. Now you can remove the template and just make
sure you’re careful with these metal shavings as they can scratch your paint. All right, so once the holes are drilled and
you check fitment with your wing, we can prep it to go on the car. We’re gonna attach this 3M adhesive but before
we do that, we’re just gonna clean it up a little bit with an alcohol wipe. We do also have rags under each side just
to make sure that it doesn’t get scratched from moving around a little bit. Go ahead and make sure the edges around where
it sits on your decklid are nice and clean and there’s no oils or dirt on there to make
it not stick as nicely. Once it’s cleaned, we can start to stick down
the tape. So, we’re gonna start right on the inside
of the bolt here, just gonna run the length of it. It is curved so you may have to attach a little
sections at a time. This does not have to be perfect but try to
get it as even as you can. All right, and then once you reach the other
bolt that’s sticking up, just measure sort of where it’s gonna hit the area and then
with scissors, just cut this off. All right, and then we’re also gonna get one
small piece that just goes right here. Now, just work your way around the spoiler,
this side’s sort of angled so I may need to just give it a straight edge and it might
fit a little bit better. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but we do want
a good surface so it attaches to the decklid nicely. Don’t go all the way to the edge down here,
because you don’t want it to stick out at all or pull up. If you need to trim it back once you make
your cut you can definitely do that as well. Go ahead and work your way down the bottom
the same as the top. And again because it is curved, sort of have
to work with small sections and just stick them down slowly. If you have to trim it back so the adhesive
doesn’t overlap, do so, because if there is any overlap of the adhesive, it could cause
the spoiler to stick up a little bit and you definitely don’t want that to happen. If you’d like you can double-check fitment
as is with the 3M. And once you’re sure, go ahead and peel back
the red side of the 3M so the adhesive is exposed. And we’re just gonna peel the small sections
all the way off, and the larger sections, we’re just gonna start them so that we can
peel them the rest of the way on the car. Now, if this does get a little messed up,
it is nice that they included some additional 3M in case you have to add some more or redo
a section, that’s pretty nice. Once all the tape is peeled off, let’s get
it on the Mustang. Make sure that the decklid is free of any
metal or debris that you might have put on there when you were drilling and then line
up the studs on both sides. Just double-check that the corners are lined
up here with the edge of the fender. And you can peel back the longer pieces of
adhesive and stick it down. All right, so we’re gonna get the washer on
top of the stud that’s coming through the trunk. Now, this is a little bit difficult because
the opening is not that large. And because this hardware is not magnetic,
we can’t use a magnet stick. So, we just put a piece of tape on the end
of an extension of the socket, we’re just going to very carefully get it over the end. All right, so once the washer is over top
there, we’re gonna do the same thing with a nut which is a little easier because it
sits nicely in the socket. Go ahead and get it started by hand. All right once we have the hardware installed
we can use a 10-millimeter socket and extension and tighten this down. And we’re only using this 1/4-inch ratchet
because we don’t wanna over tighten this as it could warp the decklid of your Mustang. All right, now we can repeat that process
on the other side. Grab your 10-millimeter socket and tighten
it down. All right, so the final step once our nuts
are tight, grab the rubber grommets and reinstall them. Now you can shut your trunk. And that’s gonna do it for the review and
install of this spoiler, and remember, for all things Mustang, keep it at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. what about if i already have a spoiler and would like to change it for this one? i use the same hole retrofit??

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