2015-2017 F150 Projector Headlights w/ LED DRLs – Chrome Review & Install

2015-2017 F150 Projector Headlights w/ LED DRLs – Chrome Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americantrucks.com and today
we’re taking a closer look at and installing the Projector Headlights in the chrome finish
available for the ’15 to ’17 F-150s with factory halogens. Now if your F-150 came with halogens off the
factory line, this is a great upgrade for your ’15 to ’17 to give it a more modern look
with an LED DRL which by the way is super bright, similar to that of the ’18 and newer
F-150s or the next gen. Now if you’re looking to give your front end
look, that upgrade, this is gonna be a great way to go. It’s got an OEM fitment and it doesn’t really
deviate too much from the factory styling as far as having chrome interior designs,
the layout is very similar. Another change will be the fact that you’re
getting the projector style bulb here with a low H9 bulb and a high beam H11. Now this guy uses a clear lens as well so
it’s not smoked. That way you don’t have to worry about any
lighting output being impeded. This guy is fully bright, very much more attractive
than the factory option and looks really good. Again, similar to the new gen. Now this one comes in right around 500 bucks
and what you get with that is both sides. You get upgraded bulbs, all the wiring is
done for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Now the DRL LED bar is already spliced in,
so no cutting, no splicing, no wiring. It’s a direct plug and play and this guy’s
gonna operate like a DRL and come on with your parking lights, it’ll come on with your
headlights and of course, you can turn them off if you will as well. Now, guys, if you’re not really feeling the
flashy chrome finish and you’re looking to deviate a little bit farther away from an
OEM look, there are black interior headlight options available to give you a more stealthy
look. There’s smoked lenses out there as well if
you’re not looking for the clear lens and looking to go really aggressive. So there’s a personal preference out there
for everyone and a product to fit them. Now this guy’s install’s gonna get one out
of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Because it’s a plug and play finish, you can
have it done in about 30 minutes, maybe an hour from start to finish. It’s super simple. I’m gonna take you every step of the way. What do you say we get started? Tools used in this install include an impact
gun or a ratchet, extension, 10 millimeter socket, Philips head screwdriver and a panel
removal tool. First up with the uninstall here you’re gonna
pop your hood. We’re gonna focus on our driver side. Now the headlights had this headlight trim
panel surrounding it. There’s one pushpin clip up top and a few
we have to tackle in the wheel well. So let’s do up top first. I’m gonna use my panel removal tool and just
pop this guy out. Just like that. Now we could focus on the inner wheel well. All right, so now in our wheel well here we
have two Philips head screws. Now you may have some 7 millimeter bolts or
something similar. Grab the tool that you need to get yours off
and we’re gonna remove them. All right, now because our model here has
this fender flare, we have to take that clip out. It’s clipped into this trim panel right about
here so I’m gonna use my panel removal tool, head in here and just pry this back. Just like that. Now the clip looks like it came off and it’s
still attached to that but that’s okay. We can tackle that when we reinstall. Now we can take this trim panel off. Now if you need to use your panel removal
tool to help you out here, you can. You can start from the top and everything
just disconnects. All right, so now we have a couple of 10 millimeter
bolts we need to get off. Now there’s three straight across. Ours is missing one here but it’ll be 10 millimeters,
one on the side and then we’ll go up top. So now up top we can take these two 10 millimeters
off. All right, so we have one more hidden bolt. Now if you go to the left side here, this
tab, straight back you’ll see a 10 millimeter. I’m gonna use my extension and my 10 socket
and I’m gonna squeeze this guy past and unbolt it. If you’re careful enough, the bolt will come
straight out with you. So now you can take the top and the bottom
of the headlight and pull it straight back. All right, so here we have our headlight harness,
so we’re gonna pinch and disconnect that. Same thing here. Pinch and disconnect and then finally the
turn signal up in the corner. Now we can set this aside. All right, so we got our factory headlight
off of our ’15 F-150 behind me and it’s on the table next to our new projector style
option. Now as you can see, there’s a lot of similarities
between the two kits but mainly the big difference is going to be how this upgrades you to have
a nice LED DRL. The DRL is short for daytime running light
which is what you get with that bright white LED surrounding the entire housing there. Now this is very similar to the newest generation
F-150 factory headlight, you’re really upgrading your previous gen F-150 to have the more modern
technology there. Another change being made is going from the
factory halogen style look to a new projector style look. You have H9 low and H11 high beams already
included in this kit. They’re already put together. You’re just transferring over your amber bulbs
for your turn signal and parking lights. Now the chrome interior housing is very similar. The small design changes to make it updated
looking. You’re still getting the same ABS construction
for the entire housing with the same type of lens. You have a clear acrylic lens that’s great
for impact resistance. It’s also gonna make sure that all the lighting
output gets through. So if you like the chrome look of the factory
styling with just a more modern look, this is the way to go. Now, like I said, we have to transfer up some
bulbs. Now I wanna show you guys the back of the
units before we do so. Very similar looking. You can see two projector styles top and low. Kinda looks like this a little bit there but
you can see the LED wiring and whatnot coming off of it as well. So what we’re gonna do is transfer over the
ambers and get back to install. All right, so here we can go up to our corner
amber light. We’re gonna take that, spin it and pull it
straight back. Now we can transfer this over. So for this, what we’re gonna have to do is
pull the factory bulb out. So we’re taking that out and replacing it
with the new LEDs. That’s gonna plug straight into the factory
housing. There we go. You have to put some firm pressure on it to
get it to line up correctly. Now you can feed the wiring harness back into
the housing here and twist to connect. Now this larger guy’s a little bit simpler. We’re still gonna twist and disconnect but
we don’t have to replace the bulb here. It’s gonna go straight into the new housing. All right, so we now have our new headlight
set up against our truck and we have to plug our harnesses in. Now I wanna start with this corner bulb because
it’s a little specific in the way that we do it. Because we have a new connector on the inside,
I like to take this guy out to make sure I know which side the negative and the positive
wires are on. That way when we plug this in we know that
they’re plugged in facing the right direction. So here we have the connector lined up. It looks like they were put in correctly the
first time which is good. The black here you wanna line up on the same
side as the black wire on your factory harness. So your ground matches your ground and your
positive matches your positive. If they’re reversed, unplug this guy, flip
it, plug it back in the other way and you’ll be good. All right, so we’re doing that and we’re gonna
plug this guy back in. Perfect. All right, so this one’s gonna be pretty easy. We just take the brown connector, clip that
into the brown connector and then finally these two match up and you don’t have to play
with any of the wiring because they’re preset out of the box. Once you snap that down, we can start installing. From here what we’re gonna do is basically
pick this up and push it into position. All right, so now what we’re gonna do is just
take note of these retainer pins here. That’s gonna go into that slot. There’s one up here and that’ll help you line
things up. Just like that. All right, so now you can just grab your factory
bolts. I’m gonna start at the top here just to make
sure it’s held in position and tie everything back down. Next what I’m gonna do is the one that’s tucked
in, so I’m gonna put the bolt on my socket and feed this guy back through. All right, so now we can put our black trim
panel back in. And line those up to the bolt holes, grab
those 10 millimeters again and put them back through. Now we can take our trim panel and we’re gonna
set this back into place. Now remember, if you have that fender flare,
you wanna make sure you’re tucking it in underneath of that. So now we can clip our fender flare back in. All right, so now I’m just gonna put this
pushpin back in place up top and push that top portion down. Now I’m gonna grab my Philips head screws
and put them back in the fender flare. Once you have this back in place, you can
repeat the same process on the other side. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install
for the Projector Headlights in chrome available for the ’15 to ’17 halogen equipped F-150s
and again, if you’re looking to upgrade your front end with a more modern technology, this
is a great way to go. You can get yours right here at americantrucks.com.

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