1999-2004 Mustang Axial Dark Smoked Headlights Review & Install

1999-2004 Mustang Axial Dark Smoked Headlights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americanmuscle.com. And today we’re taking a closer look at, and
installing the Axial Dark Smoked Headlights available for the ’99 to ’04 Mustang. You should be checking these out for your
new edge if you’re looking to ditch the factory, traditional, very outdated front headlights
on your Mustang, to upgrade them to something modern, stealthy, and super aggressive to
really spice up the front end appearance of your Mustang. Now, these are gonna completely replace your
factory ones but you are gonna be reusing your factory bulbs or you can upgrade if you’d
like. This is gonna use all OEM quality materials
for the housing, so you’re getting really good Ford quality materials with your axials
here. As you can see, you’re getting a black interior
housing as opposed to the traditional chrome reflective interior and a dark smoked lens
as opposed to the factory clear lens. So, all of that together makes for a very
aggressive upgrade. I will say, guys, because you’re replacing
that chrome reflective interior with a very darkened interior housing, you are gonna minimize
some of your lighting output, especially at night. With that said, you can reuse your factory
bulbs but it is recommended that you upgrade to a higher quality 9007 high or low beam
bulb. These you can replace on the site. Vividline, Raxiom, Sylvania, they all offer
upgraded bulbs with incandescent halogen and even LEDs that will work with these headlights
which I definitely recommend. LEDs are one of the first things most guys
do with their new edge and I’d recommend doing it if you’re picking these up. All that aside here, guys, this is gonna look
really good. It’s keeping the same interior design which
we’ll take a closer look at comparing it to stock in just a little bit. Know that you can get this pair for a super
affordable price. You can’t beat it. It’s right around 80 bucks which means it
is one of the most affordable, most impactful bold styling parts you can get for your new
edge. The install is gonna get one out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. Literally, anybody can tackle this in the
driveway at home for about 30 minutes from start to finish. Removing these doesn’t even require a socket,
no wrenches, no Phillips heads. None of that nonsense. You’re really just pulling out the pins that
hold in place, disconnecting the harness, swapping over bulbs or replacing them, and
then doing it in the repeat order. Really, no hand tools required. I’m gonna show you every single step of the
process here. We are reusing our factory bulbs just for
the sake of this video here. Why don’t I show you how it’s done? Guys, first up on the install is obviously
very, very simple. To get our factory headlights out of the way,
pop your hood, throw the prop rod up. There are two clips, two really long clips
that hold the headlight into place. Without any real tools, pull the clips straight
up, set them aside and your headlight will pull straight back out. Well, on the top of your headlight, here are
the two clips. What you’re really gonna do is go right underneath
it and pull straight up just like that. There’s another one over here. Set those aside. From here, you can pull straight back on the
headlight and then pull straight back. From here, what we’re gonna do is basically
disconnect the harness. Really just pulling straight back. If you’re having trouble with it you can pull
straight up on that harness clip and it disconnects. So, now you can go to the outside. This clip, this harness clip has two of them. One on the top, one on the bottom. So, you’re really lifting up on both sides. Disconnect just like that. So, we got our passenger’s side headlight
off of our ’99 GT behind me and it’s on the table next to our Axial Dark Smoked Headlight. Now, I wanna take you through some of the
similarities and differences between the two. And as far as design goes for the inside look
and performance of the headlight, it’s almost exactly the same as your factory one. The quality of components is the same, the
bulbs you’re using are going to be the same. We’ll transfer those over to your new housing. The interior layout and design is all the
same. What is different is the style of housing. The housing here is going to have an interior
blackened housing which means you don’t have all the chrome reflective look as you do with
your traditional headlight. Now, the lens itself is extremely different
in two ways. One, it’s obviously smoked. So, this isn’t something that’s tinted with
a film overtop of the exterior, the lens itself is actually darker. Now, that gives you that stealthy more aggressive
look. The second thing it’s different in is you
can see after two decades which this car is now reaching, you can see that the headlight
here is very dull, faded, scratched up. It’s really in need of replacement. This is a crystal clear brand new not reconditioned
lens, it is brand spanking new out of the box. So, if you have headlights that are seeing
the worst days of its lifetime, it’s about time to upgrade and that’s gonna be the case
here. It’s a complete replacement. It’s, while it is darker and has it that more
aggressive look, it’s just new. It’s crystal clear, it’s really a good refresh. Now, what we’re gonna have to do is flip these
guys around. Before we swap things over, I just wanna quickly
mention how exactly the same this is laid out. Everything from the headlight angle to the
sockets that they’ll sit in to the retaining screws here that will bolt right into the
side marker, everything is laid out the exact same which means you can expect an OEM fitment. What we’re gonna have to do now is pull out
our factory bulbs and just swap them over. If you’re upgrading to LEDs or whatever, now
is a good time to do so. We’re gonna be reusing the factory bulbs as
they fit perfectly into the new housing. What you’re gonna have to do is remove the
retaining pin here, this retaining clip. They’ll twist that and pull this guy straight
off, that’ll give you access to remove the socket. From there, you’ll twist and pull that back
out. Do the same thing here for your turn signal. Twist and pull straight back. All right. So, we can set this guy aside. Pulling over our new Axial system, you wanna
remove again, that collar. You’re not reusing the factory collar. We’ll just sit this guy in. All right. Once you get it in there, just give it a twist
and then put that collar back on. That’s more of a retaining pin. All right. So, once that’s in place, grab your turn signal
again and do the same thing. Twist and seat. At this point, we can install our new headlight. All right. At this point, we’re gonna lay our headlight
into place here and we’re gonna connect our factory harness. Because we’re reusing the factory bulb, it’s
just a simple plug and play just like it was out of the box or out from the factory. Grab the harness for the turn signal, plug
that guy in as well once you hear the click. From there, we can see our tail lights. Now, the two pins here, you wanna make sure
they’re seating into the holes as well as the retaining clips here. We’re gonna go straight back. All right. Once it’s seated into place, grab those retaining
pins again. I’m gonna push on the headlight and slide
these guys into place at the same time. All right. And then basically get them to line up and
just push that guy straight down. Do the same thing for the second one. Perfect. Repeat for the other side. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install
for the Axial Dark Smoked Headlights available for the ’99 to ’04 Mustang. And again, guys, if you’re looking to make
your front end a lot stealthier and more aggressive, this is a great way to go with a super bold
styling at a very affordable price. Now, if you wanna pick up the axials that
you see, you can get them exclusively right here at americanmuscle.com.

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