15 Minute Pilates Core Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

15 Minute Pilates Core Workout | Good Moves | Well+Good

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, I’m Chloe Gregor from East River Pilates and this is Good Moves with Well and Good. We’re about to get into
a Pilates abs workout, this is what everybody requests, everybody wants abs, so that we feel stronger, we move better, and let’s get started. We’re gonna come down
onto our backs, to start. And we’re gonna set up our bodies ready for some great core strength work. We’re gonna float the legs up into our tabletop position, keeping the back of
the neck nice and long. And we’re gonna start with our toe taps. Now keeping that neutral spine, you’re gonna slowly lower
one of the legs down towards the mat, as far
as you can with control, maybe you touch the mat, maybe you don’t. And then pull the leg
back up into tabletop. Then we’ll do the other side, we inhale as we lower the toes down towards the mat, we exhale to pull that leg back up into tabletop. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Challenge yourself to
go a little bit slower than maybe what feels comfortable for you, so that you can really engage through those abdominals, and feel like it’s your abs that are pulling that leg back up into tabletop. Notice how the lowering
is coming from the hip and not just a bending of the knee. Really nice. Exhaling to lift up. And I’m maintaining my neutral spine, the ribcage is still
heavy, down onto that mat. And I’m still connecting with my breath. Inhaling as I lower down,
exhaling to lift up. Remember whenever you’re doing core work, take breaks whenever you need, listen to your body, take that whenever you need. Good, we’re gonna keep
going for a few more here. (exhaling sharply) Exhaling up. Great, we’ve got one more on each side. Lifting up into tabletop
and then one by one, just lower the legs down
and rock those knees from side to side, just to loosen out a little bit. We’re gonna keep building on this, so if this feels like it’s enough for you, you can stick with it, otherwise we’re gonna keep adding on. We find our neutral spine position here. Good, bellybutton hugs into the spine, we float the legs to tabletop. This time we take the hands behind the back of the head, now the fingers are interlaced, the thumbs are pointing down the back of the neck, so I’ve got this cradle of support for my head and neck. The elbows will lift slightly, just so I can see them
in my peripheral vision and then we peel the
head and the chest up. Coming up into what we call a curl up and then we lower the
head and chest back down. We exhale to peel up,
think about the chest reaching towards the front of the thighs and we inhale to lower. Keep the head feeling
really heavy in the hands, almost push the head back into the hands, and the hands into the head, and then find more of that lift from the center of the chest, as you reach that chest
towards the thighs. I’m still lengthening through my spine, thinking about the front of the chest still staying really open. Good, and imagine you’re
holding a soft peach underneath your chin. You should really feel this work through your abdominals but make sure you’re still
wrapping that bellybutton in towards the spine. Good, take those legs down, shake it out. And now we’re gonna
combine those two moves. So again, if that was enough for you, that’s where you stay, you wanna make it a
little more challenging, come with me. Legs float to tabletop, we’re gonna come into that curl up again, head is heavy in those hands, good, as we lower the head and the chest down, we’re gonna tap the toes
down towards the mat, let’s go halfway down
with that head and chest, and then everything comes up together on the exhale. We inhale to lower, head and chest lowers, we exhale to lift back up. If you want even more of a challenge, you could take this into
a double leg toe tap, where both of the toes lower down together and lift together. Good, so that’s an option for you. Exhale, think about that chest, lifting and reaching up towards those thighs. You should really feel this through your abdominals. (exhaling sharply) Good, connecting the
movement with the breath. Head still heavy in the hands. Spine is still long. Last one here, curl and relax it down. We shake it out. And now we’re gonna come into a bit of oblique work. Hands come behind the
back of the head again, interlace those fingers, we’re gonna get into
the sides of the waist, lengthen the spine. We’re gonna curl the
head and the chest up, twist to the side and lift that left up into tabletop. We’re gonna come to the center, lower down almost down
to the mat and then come straight back up. Exhale to twist, inhale to come back in, so we’re spiraling over to the side. Think about that opposite shoulder, reaching to the outside of the thigh and this elbow opening, so we’re really spiraling that chest as we come over to the side. Good, exhale and curl. Don’t lose that root
connection as you lower, so keep the ribs heavy. Good, inhaling as you lower. Getting into that deep rotation each time you come up into that twist. Good, lift up, that’s our last one. And we come down. We lift up, this time, we hold it here in that twist. Lift a little higher, twist a little more, and lift the opposite leg to tabletop. And then that opposite leg is gonna extend out away. And then we fold it in. Exhale to extend. Inhale to fold it in. Now there shouldn’t be any rocking or tilting of the pelvis, so we’re really stabilizing. Both of the hips are heavy on the mat. As we exhale. And make sure this knee doesn’t creep in any closer. So it should be directly over your hip, as you extend it out. (exhaling sharply) Good. We’re gonna go two more here. Keep that lift. Good. Last one, and then we extend out, last little bit. We hold it out, and
we’re just gonna do five little circles each way with that leg. We go for five. (exhaling sharply) Four. Three. Two. And one, other way, try
not to rock those hips. We go for five. Four. Three. Last two. Last one. Bring it in. Hug those knees into your chest, rock a bit from side to side, and then we’ll take it
over to the other side. Feet start down. We take the hands behind
the back of the head. Interlace those fingers. Long through the back of the neck. We lift, we twist over to the other side, we lift up to tabletop,
and we come back down. Exhale, lift and twist. Inhale to come back down. Really focusing on that spiral over. Think about that shoulder blade reaching up and across to the outside of the thigh, we we curl that body across. (exhaling sharply) And back. Good, that bottom elbow can point down towards your mat, so that we get an even deeper twist into that side. Good, last one here. We lift, we twist, we hold. We float the other leg to tabletop, and then we extend it out away. Inhale to fold it in, keep that twist, exhale to extend. Inhale to fold, pull those abdominals in, exhale to twist. Maintain that deep
rotation through the body. Lift a little higher if you can. Good, we’re here for
another few like this. Good, last two. On the next one we extend out, we hold it out there,
lift a little bit more, twist a little bit more, and we circle that leg for five. For four. For three. For two. Last one, there, and we reverse it. For five. Four. Three. Two. Last one, and bend it in. Hug those knees in, circle them around, just to release into those hips. And now we’re gonna come up. Roll yourself up, and we’re gonna come into some side plank work. So, we’ll start up on this side. You’ll drop your forearm down for a forearm side plank to start. Now, you got a couple of options here. You can do this from your knees. In which case you’ll
walk the elbow forward, so the elbow is in line with the knees. And when you lift up, you’ll be in a side plank here. Those who are happy to
come up onto their toes, for the full variation on the toes, you can lift up. You’ll step the top leg
in front, that’s it. Plant that foot down so the outer edge can connect to the mat, and the bottom leg is gonna step behind. And we’ll all reach this top arm straight up towards the ceiling. Think about lifting up out of this bottom shoulder. If your neck feels tired or fatigued, take the gaze down. Otherwise, keep it straight
out in front of you. Pull the abs in, pull those ribs in. Hold it there, and we’re gonna start with some little hip dips. We dip the hip down,
and then we lift it up, up out of that waist. So we inhale to lower, exhale to lift. Inhale down, exhale lift. Keep lifting up out of
that lower shoulder. Good, keep pulling those abdominals in. (exhaling sharply) Keep lifting up that waist right up towards the ceiling. We dip down. Good, last one here, lift! And then just take a seat. Shake it out. And then we’re gonna come up onto your hand now. So your fingers are gonna
point away from you. Good. We’re gonna come into that same setup. You can do this from your knees, but it’s a little bit
easier up from the feet. So top leg comes forward, bottom leg we step behind. This top arm’s gonna reach as we open out. Now, we take a big breath in here. As we exhale, we’re gonna reach the hand under and through. You’re gonna reach to the back ankle. And then open back out
into your side plank. Good, so we exhale. Lift those hips, piking them up towards the ceiling. And then we inhale to open out. Good. Exhale, curl under. And reach, inhale to open. Think about your hips reaching towards the ceiling, opening them up, like
you’re sticking your butt right up to the ceiling into that twist. And then open out and landing in that side plank each time. With the breath. We’re here for four more. Inhale open, exhale lift for three. For two. Last one, like this, lift, you’ll open, and then we’ll come down. Just have the legs to the side, and we’ll side bend to stretch out that side of the body. Breathe into that side, open out through the chest. And then we’ll flip it
around to the other side. So, swing your legs around. We’ll come down first onto our forearm. Now we want shoulder right over the elbow, hand flat. If you’re coming into
that kneeling variation, walk it forward, so
the knees and the elbow are in one long line. Otherwise, you can step the hand back. Top leg steps forward,
foot comes flat down. We can lift up, that bottom foot’s gonna step back behind. We open out the chest, lift up out of that bottom shoulder. Tuck the tailbone, ribs in, abs in. Lengthen the spine, and we start with our hip dips. We drop the hips down. We lift it up. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Try not to twist the
lips from side to side, as you do this. But think about dropping straight down, and straight up. (exhaling sharply) We’re here for another three. Reach these fingers up
towards the ceiling! Last one here. Drop it down, great. We’re gonna come up onto our hand now for our twist. So your hand’s gonna come down, fingers point away from you. We set up into that side plank again, top leg goes forward. Lift yourself up, we reach, we open. Think about the chest
staying open and wide. Take a breath in here. As we exhale, we reach
this hand underneath. We reach for that back ankle, lift those hips high. And then we open back
out into our side plank. We exhale, lift up, and
reach down and across. Inhale to open, feel that strength work through those obliques,
the sides of the waist. Also working through our shoulder, that stabilizing shoulder. And the sides of our hips as well, and into our glutes. Good, landing each time
in your side plank, and then finding that reach under and across each time. Exhale to lift, inhale to open. Three more. This is two. Our last one here, make it a good one. Open it out, and then sit those hips down. All right, take the hand
over, sweep up and over so that you feel this lovely stretch through the side of the body, through the side of the waist that you’ve just worked out. And now we’re gonna come
into some front plank work, just to work into those abdominals and those obliques one last little bit. So, come forward onto your hands. Now when we do plank work, remember, chest lifted, heart shines forward though, so no rounding of that upper back. We pull those ribs in, we gently draw those abdominals in,
to keep the engagement through our core. We step one leg back. We step the other leg back, we find ourselves in this plank position. From here, you’re gonna draw one knee in, towards the same side. You’re gonna step it back, and then you’re gonna take it across to the opposite side, and step it back. Same leg, same elbow. Good. And then across. Good, we exhale as we pull in. Inhale back, exhale pull in, inhale back. (exhaling sharply) So we’ll do five like this, on each side. Good, heart still shining forward. Last one here. Across. Good, take a little break, shake it out. And we’ll go straight to the other side. So, lifting through that chest. We go same. We take it across. So taking it across the body. Really working deeply into those obliques. Try and keep those hips pretty steady though, as we draw the knees in. It’s a really controlled movement. Make sure you haven’t forgotten about those shoulders. Last one here. Drop those knees, shake it out. And then just to finish,
we’re gonna come up. One last time, and we’re just gonna alternate knees into the chest. So it’s a really slow
motion mountain climber. Keep that chest lifted,
keep the hips level, keep that control. I have the tiniest bend in my elbows, just so that they’re unlocked. And, we can drop it down. Shake it out. And you’re all done. That was Good Moves with Well and Good. If you want more, subscribe below! (upbeat music)

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