100 Years of Fitness

100 Years of Fitness

(cheering and clapping) (weights clanging) The event today marks the culmination of a four-day celebration commemorating the 100 year anniversary of
women entering the Marine Corps for the first time, as
well as the 32nd birthday of 4th Recruit Training Battalion. And the theme for this field meet is PFT events, past and present. So we showcased as many
PFT events as we could from Marine women’s PFTs
from 1969 to present. The battalion, my drill
instructors, my officers, we’ve been working really
hard to prepare the recruits for the new PFT standards
coming up in January, so they basically keep
the intensity moderate and we keep the volume relatively high. And by volume, I mean repetitions, so we just do more pull-ups
and stop short of failure. What the physical fitness
test perfectly illustrates is how women’s service evolved
from Free a Marine to Fight to full utilization of our
force where all Marines are judged by what they can do and not what we think they can do. I was so proud. First of all, the participation was incredible. But the new Marines,
especially Private Paisker who just finished the Crucible
crushed the obstacle course, we were so proud of her. I was just thinking that I
needed to beat everyone else and I needed to complete it. It was a little tough
to come from a Crucible, but I can push through it. There’s a lot of motivation out here. She showed not only strength
and skill and agility, but more heart than I think
I’ve ever seen out here, and it was a great way to
finish off our celebration. (weights clanging) (cheering and clapping)

12 thoughts on “100 Years of Fitness

  1. Get these women out of my Corps. The fact you have to creat momentum to press 100 pounds is sad. At least they aren't coming to the Infantry.

  2. Lol this is cute. But i rather watch real warriors train, males and females are not equal. Matter of fact our cells arent even the same. chemically, mentally, spiritually and physical males are stronger in this environment and always will be. Remember, men out there have died and are going to die for "equality"

  3. Beginning of the end of the Marine Corps…pc is killing america. Just see how well America can stomach a female marine being gang raped tortured and beheaded on the 5 oclock News

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