10 Strongest Women that Took It Too Far Away

10 Strongest Women that Took It Too Far Away

who said weightlifting and
strength based competitions were just for men probably a lot of men but they’d
be wrong if you think women are weaker than men then you better hope you never
get into a fight with one of the ladies on this list while it is true that
physically women are weaker than men the women you’re about to see decided to
prove the statement wrong through hard work endurance and an incredible amount
of determination but today we’ll take a look at some women bodybuilders who took
it too far be sure to stay until the end and check
out our number one pick because the women in that video will definitely
inspire you before we move on I’ve got a little challenge for y’all
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try it it really works Natalia Kuznetsova Natalia Kuznetsova is probably the most
muscular woman in Russia at 28 years of age she’s been working out for 14 years
today her body can be compared to that of the Hulk with eighteen and a half
inch biceps circumference and 220 pounds of muscle wow that’s impressive
Natalia had originally started training at the age of 14 they gained some weight
to properly fill her swimsuit I think she filled that goal now she wants to
engage in coaching to help those who would like to become like her Natalia
currently trains several hours a day and maintains a rigorous diet this top
athlete has also won numerous records in deadlift and benchpress undoubtedly the
most impressive bodybuilder in Russia Natalia is also an Instagram star with
more than half a million subscribers her photos gained real muscle with each post
chin Tia Kandra Naya Chincha Condren aya from indonesia might
just be the closest thing you’ve seen to a new Bruce Lee male or female I mean
look at those phenomenal skills also unlike many super kickers chin taya is
also fully ambidextrous with her kicks this is definitely a girl you give mad
props to chin taya is also very present on social media where she showcases her
incredible martial arts skills her videos on YouTube have garnered more
than 100 million views and she has almost 300,000 Instagram followers JCI
Morales my name is kami Delos and I’m here at your strength gym in Orlando
Florida k-ci morales is a bodybuilder and fitness model from brazil with three
hundred seventy nine thousand Instagram followers this beautiful young lady has
earned herself a nickname social media diva and it’s all thanks to her rather
incredible physique looking at Keyshia’s amazing body it’s really no wonder that
she attracts so many followers so how does she stay in shape well Keisha says
that workouts that involve lighter weights and pollie metrics such as
jumping squats push-ups and box jumps help keep her body tight it’s also worth
mentioning that Keisha has been in fitness since she was five years old
just a little girl Keisha took inspiration from her father
and brother who’ve been supporting her every step of the way
baba Ali I love this exercise because it hits my legs my arms my core it’s a
total body exercise and it’s a great fat-burning combo
Heba Ali is a bodybuilder powerlifter and a fitness influencer who lives in
New Jersey but is of Jordanian descent thanks to her motivational videos and
never give up approach to fitness in life Heba has won the admiration of six
hundred and four thousand followers on Instagram a number which continues to
grow daily Heba hasn’t shared her exact date of birth with the public but she’s
said to be in her late 20s she is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 150
pounds she’s known for her hybrid training
which combines bodybuilding powerlifting and mobility drills and some of her
favorite exercises include deadlifts sprints and power cleans however the gym
is not the only place HEPA trains Act among her favorite activities are rock
climbing flipping tires and running through hot deserts because of her
impressive speed strength and stamina haba has been likened to superhero
Wonder Woman yeah Wonder Woman is definitely the first thing that comes to
mind when looking at everything Heba can do Donna more what would you do if
you’re asked to lift over 300 pounds well you’d probably decline the request
or if you tried and you don’t work out on a regular basis you might struggle a
bit even if you’re a regular weight lifter 300 pounds is quite a bit to lift
and it takes special training to achieve that feat in 2016
british bodybuilder Donna Moore won the world’s strongest woman competition the
title was well earned and she’s showing no signs of stopping the competition
circuit not only is she Britain’s strongest woman but she is also an Atlas
stone world record holder indeed Moore has done more to prove that she is
probably the most deserving person to win the title as the strongest woman in
the world she can pick up a stone that’s over 300
pounds and barely breaks a sweat she broke the world record for the
heaviest stone ever loaded by a woman by lifting a staggering 328 pounds that
means she can lift most people with ease in fact looking at more most people
wouldn’t want to mess with her and she clearly looks strong enough to hold her
own ground Vilma Olsen 195 kilos she is the current
record holder you are looking at 19 year-old power lifter Vilma Olsen from
Sweden competing at the 2018 European classic open junior and sub junior
powerlifting championships in kiwanis Lithuania Olsen managed to
left an incredible 1,104 pounds Wow well done she definitely looks like she could
put more on the bar but didn’t want to show off too much
she’s definitely stronger than 99% of male professional heavyweight power
lifters and she’s just 19 years old on the squad she completed a 391 pound
opener hits 407 pounds in a second attempt and went on to finish with 418
pounds Wilson’s third lifts sealed her with an IPF junior world record
well done Vilma Jay Fuchs 48 year old Jack will and Jay Fuchs is a
professional bodybuilder from Switzerland despite her age she is
considered to be one of the best female body builders in the world
in fact she’s been regarded by various pundits as one of the 10 best female
body builders in the world her victory at the 2016 IFBB Chicago Pro
qualified her to compete for the crown of professional female bodybuilding at
the rising phoenix World Championships in September of 2016
she was placed 12th overall on top of being a successful bodybuilder
jacqueline is also an artist and an actress she shares both her artwork and
her workout videos as well as training content and other fitness related
content with her 67,000 Instagram followers Heather grace Heather Grace from Denver is an IFBB
professional figure athlete professional trainer nutrition consultant and contest
prep coach she is currently ranked 11th in the world as an IFBB women’s physique
professional athlete as an amateur Heather competed in Figure then won her
pro card in 2011 she transitioned from figure to women’s physique in 2014 as
you might have guessed Heather is extremely passionate about
her work and training she participated in six Miss Olympia competitions and
finished two times in the top three she’s also a five-time IFBB Champion WWE
strongest women this video shows us some of the most dominant divas and wrestling
although I don’t suggest you call any of these women divas the WWE fights may be
staged but that doesn’t change the fact that it takes countless hours of special
training to even participate in a fight however some women took this whole
training thing to another level and developed physiques that are out of this
world traditionally employed as eye candy to prop up the men decades passed
by before audiences realized that women could become serious wrestling
superstars in their own right this change in perceptions and
abandonment of gender bias was driven by strong and pioneering ladies that proved
themselves as equals Ms Olympia is back for this year’s
Olympia and I’m so glad I went the beautiful thing about bodybuilding is
that it’s a sport for everybody at every age you see people start a lot of sports
when they’re young and by the time they’re 30 they’re out maybe some of
them become veterans in their 30s and 40s and then
done bodybuilding however is a whole different story this is a sport that you
can start in your 40s and 50s and you can be done when you say you’re done
I mean how empowering is that Miss Olympia is the highest-ranking
professional female bodybuilding competition it’s also the title of the
winner of the competition the first Miss Olympia took place in 1980 and it ran
all the way through to 2014 so in 2014 that was the last time there was a Miss
Olympia bodybuilding champion and then in 2015
poof there was no event fortunately in 2015
wings of strength picked up the ball and created an event that would allow women
bodybuilders to have a top pro stage and continue the tradition of pro women
bodybuilding and those women for the last five years include Margie
marvellous Pelle Trevino and Alina Popa the top pro bodybuilders in the world in
2019 it was announced that the women’s bodybuilding Miss Olympia will be back
on stage in 2020 which one of these women has impressed you the most let me
know in the comments below and I’ll handpick and feature your comments in
the next video look out for your comment we had one comment from Elaine Malek ad
and she wrote hashtag come along whoa that guy is so cool he has real
superpower the earthbender guy well maligne I watched that video too and I
couldn’t agree more though I’m a little skeptical it just
looks kind of different but what that guy can do it looks pretty amazing

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