The first exercise is stiff deadlifts with a barebell. really great for contact in backside glutes. The second exercise is squats with kick-backs. We use a miniband for more resistance. Start with a lower weight since kick-backs are not a regular movement during squats. Third is leg press with mini bands, again for extra tension and resistance! Try out using mini bands / resistance bands / yoga bands during your leg and booty workouts I promise you will feel a big difference! The fourth exercise is hamstring curls in the cable machine Next up is one-leg stiff deadlifts with dumbbells. then we will do some one-leg kick backs in the cable machine As the seventh exercise we will do hip raisers in the smith machine then we will do cable squats on a bench. We do this to get a bigger depth in the exercise. Be careful and start with low weights. the ninth exercise will be box jumps. Also with mini or resistance bands. The last exercise are lounges with a barebell. Happy bootybuilding!


  1. Dina klipp inspirerar så mycket att gymmet verkligen aldrig verkar tråkigt eller segt att gå till längre 😍😄💪🏼
    Men har en liten fråga, jag har precis köpt mig min första burk BCAA, såg i ett av dina klipp att du alltid dricker det efter träningspass. Är det någon skillnad på effekten (eller vad man ska säga) om man dricker det före, under eller efter träningspass eller det är bara att det passar dig bättre? 😄
    Och tack tack tack för en grym kanal och instagram 😍

  2. Love this !!!!! the hamstring curl with the cable is something i had never seen before love it cant wait to try it !

  3. You know what my biggest "newbie" problem is…. I dont dare to do some of the work outs when there are a lot of people in the gym… any tips for that??

  4. Hip thrusts or cable pull through – the best in my opinion. You look amazing – a lot of work behind you… You are my new fitness inspiration 🙂

  5. you are my biggest fitness inspiration!! Love your workout, food videos.. You are my motivation 😀 Have you thought about a video about your clothes? (not fitness) <3

  6. I'm new to weights and I really want to start getting into them, how many reps do u recommend for each exercise?

  7. I just did part of this workout and I'm dead! Again thank you for such good workout content!! Ur helping me become a better bad ass with a good ass😛

  8. I love your workout and how your energy that you show in each of your films. It makes me believe that i can do it and believes that all these workouts will give results. Thank you!..i love exercise nr 4 and 5.

  9. Hi sweetie how are you you are beautiful sweet body I like you from my heart love you sweetie look after your beautiful body❤️😘🌹🌺🌷💋💋😏

  10. Omg what did I jus see 😱😱😱 …. BEST BEST BEST booty workout with basic gym machines and amazing variations. I'm definitely gonna TRY this workout.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  11. This video is so helpful I’m about to put my girlfriend on your Fitness workouts because she wants to build a fitness booty keep up the good work your videos are amazing

  12. I like the variations. I do some of these exercises already but would never have thought to try it the ways you have; thanks! 🙂

  13. I'd have to say I love to do squats but I abandon them for a while n now back on it but using the smith machine until I feel better doing squats on my own . But love all these exercises better to change it up.

  14. Last time I was adressed by a woman at the gym with "Wow, you have a beautiful butt. Your workout seems to work" I responded "of course, because I have the best trainer 🙂 Check Hanna Oeberg out and not just your butt change"
    Thanks to your workouts my whole body is changing. Thank you soo much!!

  15. How can i do the exercises that are lifting the barbell without any weight if the gym doesnt have free barbells besides the ones in the smith machine

  16. Great video I like example 1 2 3(foot position is on point /the higher up you go toes pointed out the better ) 6 7👍👍(peak tension is at a high percentage on this) 8 9 10 (although I like lunges I feel a back lunge contracts the glute harder) regardless still a top exercise just depends what works for you best everyone is different..
    3 4 I'll have to try
    Rope pulls on the pulleys and sumo dead lifts are great as well..
    Still a great video!

  17. You've honestly quickly become my favourite fitness Youtuber! Great content that's straight to the point. Can you do some more videos on what you eat during the week and maybe some food prep videos? Can you also do a series explaining in depth how to do booty exercises properly to target the glutes and not other muscles? Keep up the great work!

  18. I love love love hip abductions on and off the machine kick backs with cable machine and without donkey kick backs side kick backs hip thrust dead lifts sumo squats sitting hip abductions crab walks

  19. How much weight do you lift with your 1 leg kickbacks ?
    I lift with 40 pds 75 times on each leg 3 to 4 days a week during my full body workout, is that ok to tone & enhance my glutes ?

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