10 min Total Body Barre (no equipment)

10 min Total Body Barre (no equipment)

Hey there, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness. This is your total body 10 minute barre workout. We’re not using any equipment. Just a chair. So go ahead, grab it and let’s get started. OK, we’re going to get started
in this barre workout. You have eight. Make sure it’s eight. Eight moves each. Sixty seconds. We move through them really fast. The first move, you don’t need your barre
or your chair. The next few you will so make sure it’s out
of the way but close. Our first movement is four plies with four
pulses in second position so wide. You ready? Belly tucks in. This is the only one where I’ll be counting
with you. Let’s go down for four plies. For three. For two. Last one stay low. Open those arms really wide and pulse for,
four, for, three, two, one, stay as low as you can and then rise up nice and high for
for four, back down for three, for two Last one, stay low. Arms open up, pulsing four, four, three, two,
one, hold coming all the way low. Rise back up. Four. For three. For two. Last one, stay low, open those arms, pulse
for four, three, two, one, again, rising up, coming down for four. This is the last little combo. For three. For two. For one stay low. Those arms open up and we pulse for four,
three, two, one, tiny hold to finish just relaxing those shoulders and shake it out. Good. Movement one done. We’re gonna turn now to face towards your
barre. First movement. Actually, the next two movements are gonna
be on one side. So we’re going to lean forward. Lift your back leg up. This is going to be a curl x4 and a pulse
x4. So you’ve got one leg up squeezing into the
booty here. Shoulders relax. Make sure you’re in position. Bend that standing knee as you can. And let’s begin with our four pulses coming
down, pulsing for four. And on your last one, you hold it, you extend
long with your leg and then curling for four. And then repeat that same combo. Keep it up on the toes if you want to be extra
crazy here. I know some of you guys will be. Sticking with me here. Well, you got this. You’re going with me. You can feel it. I know I an feel it. Last little one let’s hold wherever you are. Good. Now we are done with this movement. Let’s stay in this position lowering your
heel if necessary because the next movement is just a straight ISO curl pulse in this
position. OK, you ready? Belly sucks in. Let’s begin now straight pulse right through
it. Again, the crazies of you guys can be up on
the toes here if you want it. Make sure you’re sucking the belly in and
you’re pushing the hips slightly forward. Don’t let that thigh sneak forward. Keep pressing it back. How bad is does that booty cheek burn, right? Keeping it going. This is barre. It’s all about the mindset pressing through
a little longer. Keep pointing that back toe. Ok, guys, I’m going to challenge you to come
into a hold now for these last few moments. Hold it. Maybe even come up to the toes. Can see all those thighs legs shaking in this
exercise. Keep holding a little longer, pressing a little
higher. And release. You see that shake? OK. So we’re going to do that same those same
two movements that you did on your other side. So make sure you’re even here you can’t have
uneven bum cheeks here. Leaning forward. The opposite leg is going to come up. Remember, we have those four pulses and those
four curls. Bend that standing knee as much as you can. Hips parallel to the floor, belly button into
the spine, drop the shoulders. Point that back toe. Let’s begin four pulses. And you’ve got those four curls. A little deeper into it as much as you can. Pointing that toe. I’m going to join the super intense of you,
and come to my toes. Try not to speed up. We’re coming into those last few guys. Wrap up wherever you are. And then we’ll hold it. OK, we’re moving to our next movement. Heel down that Iso pulsing curl is next. Belly button in. Reset. Come back with me here if you haven’t already. And let’s begin pulsing through. Keep reciting in your head deeper in that
pulse and only 60 seconds. Those two things. Rotating them in your mind when you get tired. Those abs engaged, don’t let the belly get
loose, keep it strong in this exercise here. Keep pressing that back leg back. Getting the most you can out of this. I know you have the strength, you made it
this long with me. Ok now gutys. Hold it. We come to those toes if you want. We’ve got that shake, you know that shake. Breathing through. And shake it out. Ok, moving on. We’ve done a lot of the lower body, let’s
work into the upper body with this next exercise. This is going to be a tricep barre pushup,
followed by some little lifts to finish. So arms narrow, shoulder distance, bellybutton
drawn in. Some of you guys if you want to the knees. This is fine. Let’s begin lowering down and back up. Lowering down and back up. Really slow breath. You can also be on the toes here, just being
very careful about how low you go. So you don’t knock your head on this part
here. We’re going to come into those holds in a
moment here, so just get ready for them mentally. Next one holding. So you can extend one leg up if you’re on
the floor, it’s going to look like this. Keep holding it. Switching legs, you’re in that hold, you can
be on the toes or the knees. Breathing through with me. And release guys. So we’re moving into our final bit. You can take the chair away. You’re not going to need it for this part. We are going to do a Little Mermaid plank
combo. So knees or stacked feet top arm comes up
high with me really lifting as much as you can. We’re going to hold this. So the next movement when you’re ready. Come up high with me. And then we lower down. Raise it back up. Lowering down. Raising it back up. You can be on the knees or the toes however
you want to be right here. It’s up to you. We’re going to do a few more and then we’re
going to do that oblique squeeze part of this. Three more. Two more. Last I want you to hold it. Squeeze your elbow in towards your waistline
and back out. Squeeze that elbow into the waistline and
back out. This way you may want to drop to your knees
if you haven’t already. Two more like this and then we go back to
the first movement. Back to that first movement. And sticking it high and lowering. Taking it up and back. We’re going to finish with that nice high
movement, hold. Elbow in. Towards that waistline. A more times here. Last one hold. And really shake it out. Other side, same thing to finish. Let’s rise up and back down nice and high
and release. Three more and then we are going to do that
little oblique squeeze. In two. Last one hold. Elbow comes in. And nice and long. Three more of these, two more. Last one. And then again we take it down and rise back
up that same movement that you’ve been doing here. This is hitting that total body, especially
the abs and arms. On this next one, hold it. We’re going to finish with that elbow in towards
the waistline, as strong as you can here making it to the end. Last one. And release. Shoulder roll. sure, You guys are done here. We’re going to do just a little graceful roll
up. So hips high, arms low, let all that breath
go, all that frustration, all that tension. And then as you inhale fresh breath and life
and energy in and let it go. Nice job. Did really well with this one. Let me know in the comments. What other 10 minute short quickie workouts
you want to see? Make sure you subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t already, and if you want to
do a another workout, I really recommend doing one of my abs ones, which you’ll see after
this video. Or if you want to go straight to stretch,
there is a full stretch video for you as well. I’ll see you next time, guys. Tchau!

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  1. Ola!! What did you think of this one!? And what other 10 minute quickie workout videos do you want to see up on the channel? Let me know in the comments!

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