10 Min Lower Ab Workout for Women & Men – 10 Minute Ab Workout – Lower Abs Belly Fat Flattener

10 Min Lower Ab Workout for Women & Men – 10 Minute Ab Workout – Lower Abs Belly Fat Flattener

hey everybody
it’s your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 10 Min Lower Ab Workout for Women & Men 10 Minute Ab Workout Lower Abs Belly Fat Flattener there’s no equipment required for this workout but you may want to use
a mat for comfort I’m going to be doing the intermediate through Advanced
exercises and follow me for the beginner modification all right let’s hit the
ground and get right into this thing no waste and time today I’m going to be
doing a lying leg raise plus reverse crunch where Claudia is going to do a
lying knee raise plus reverse crunch so both are with their legs straight but
I’m going to keep my leg straight where she’s going to bend it our knees and
they’ll bring our hips straight up and returning our legs back down so it’s
four part one two three and four you decide if the knee raised or leg raised
is more appropriate for you now we’re not going to count any repetitions today
it’s going to be just about getting in as many reps in as you can in the
allotted time period making sure to breathe throughout and on that reverse
crunch we’re just bringing those hips up off the ground you might not have a lot
of range of motion on that one but we’re just forming a reverse crunch getting
the hips off the ground and squeezing those ABS making sure to breathe
throughout do not want to hold your breath through this one it’ll be a major
mistake excellent one right into the next let’s hit this one for ten more
seconds keep it moving no breaks today we’re going hard and fast three two one
zero alright next moving into a clam or a crossover clam legs are open feet are
together hands around our head now we’re both going to come bring our legs up as
we crunch up but I’m going to cross over as I do it and bring one elbow to
opposite knee where I’m just bringing my elbows to my knees on this clamp those
feet together as you perform the movement this one doesn’t look like much
but it works fast excellent it hitting that lower
abdominal area making sure to breathe throughout we’re going to get a lot of
lactic acid burning today just remember you are stronger than that burn
pushing through I want you to try your best to meet your upper and lower body
together in the middle bringing your legs off the ground as well as your
shoulder blades let’s keep this one up for last ten
seconds almost there and five four three two one zero
or what’s going to sit up for this next one legs out straight in front of us I’m
going to do a sprinter Claudia’s going to modify sprinter we’re on a 45 degree
angle opposite arm and leg are going to work together where Claudia is going to
go ahead and bring that opposite leg and allow us to rest down in between reps
I’m going to keep both legs up the whole time get opposite arm and leg working
together on this one and the further back you lean closer to
a 45 the harder it is the further up you are the easier it is you decide which
variation is going to be right for you today
either way sticking with it four five four three two one zero line back down
for the next one go ahead and push your hands onto your glutes or lower back I’m
gonna have my legs create Claudia’s gonna have a slight bend in her knees
we’re doing figure eights so you’re drawing on the number eight with your
feet with your leg that doesn’t have to be perfect this is just about getting
that up and down and side to side movement more bending your knees the
easier this one’s going to be the straighter your legs are the harder this
will be make sure you’re going each direction when you get down to the
bottom of that eight reverse it and go in the opposite
direction excellent fighting through guys you’re doing great so far keep it
up one wrap riding in the next fighting through remember what brought you here
today to begin with whatever that is stay focused on let’s hit this one for
last ten seconds good keep it up and five four three two one
alright same position for the next one now we’re going to duel a crossover if
your needs are legs are bent a little bit easier legs are straight little bit
harder you decide which one is right for you opening those legs up and then
crossing them over one into the next keeping those feet up and also the
higher your legs are easier it’ll be as well have them down here about six
inches above the ground for maximum difficulty keep breathing keep fighting
guys focus on your goals focus on what motivates you and what brought you here
today to begin with come on keep it up one into the next come on no giving up
guys you got it good let’s hit this one for ten seconds more almost there five
four three two one zero we’re turning over for the next one going into a high
plank position cloudy is going to be on our knees and me be on my feet we’re
both going to bring our knee up and then twist in return knee comes up twist and
your torso that knee in and return it back to starting position keep your core
tight back straight and as always making sure to breathe you got it guys one wrap
into the next core stays tight stay focused why are you here what’s your why
what’s your goal what are you working on keep it at the front of your mind you
can do it you know what he said it was going to be
easy but it will be worth it just keep going think about how good
you’re going to feel when this workout it is all done one into the next room
once there let’s hit this one for 10 more seconds come on guys you got it
don’t give up don’t stop don’t slow down four five four three two one zero
back to our backs we go line down flat we’re going to bring your arms up
overhead legs are all flat we’re going either a one leg or two Lake V crunch so
feet come up at the same time either bring one leg to a 45 or both legs but
either way we’re crunching bringing those shoulder blades up off the ground
and return your legs back down to the ground in between repetitions good just
a crunch on this one now the full sit-up excellent work
breathe stay under control 1 wrap into the next whatever you do don’t pause
this video and don’t quit just keep moving you got it
let’s hit this laughs this one for 10 seconds keep going keep going we’re
burning – five four three two one zero okay next one hollow body hold this
first one I’m going to bring your chin up and bring your shoulder blades off
the ground that’s your starting position now arms are out straight legs are up
now you decide if you want your legs up or bent like Claudia’s doing either way
once you try keep that lower back flat on the ground and you do so back rolling
those shoulder blades up off the ground and tuck in your chin if your back like
this then surely your lower back is going to come up breathe through this
one just hold guys this is it right here which
came here for everything you got put it out there guys hold it’s a tough one but
you can do it it’s tough but you’re tougher prove it right here prove it
let’s go ten seconds what you got what you got let’s go five
four three two one zero ah burnt so good gonna make it through
that one ah we made it guys and so as you actually work you like this workout
you’ve been working out with those for a while and you’re starting to see some
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find half it because we want to connect with you thank you so much for working
out with us today I’m coach cozy and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next

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