#1 Critical Exercise After Knee Replacement

#1 Critical Exercise After Knee Replacement

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  1. I followed one of your other videos about what you can do before knee replacement. I have had both knees done now and will say you were right on in terms of what to work on this was very helpful and I could work on it at home between PT appointments. You are both wonderful!

  2. Speaking of knees, is there any PT for knees that get sore and/or inflamed after working out? I have been to a orthopedic and nothing showed up on xrays. He wrote a script for PT but I just havent been able to get in yet. Love your videos

  3. You should do a giveaway with the knee glide. I would love to have one but currently am not working due to knee and back problems and just can't afford one.

  4. I ordered this. I had my knee replaced about 6 weeks ago. Today I found out I have to go in this Tuesday , be medicated & have my knee forced into bending because I can not get it past 90 degrees. I’ve been in therapy since day one. I will let you know how it works for me. Prays it will help. Just tired of pain right now. Thx.

  5. hallo iam from Greece 3 year's I like yours!!!!I have problems in my back and now I have ACL torm please you are the best thanks

  6. My hubby had his meniscus replaced and for 2-3 weeks we had to rent a machine that he placed on the bed and would have to strap his leg in during the night. He'd also have to do the exercises throughout the day. It has helped his flexibility immensely. I didn't know there was one you could buy. Thank Bob and Brad.

  7. That’s a really handy little ‘tool’ – I wish I’d had one after my replacements! Breaking up scar tissue is the biggest hurdle after knee surgery. For anyone who can’t purchase this, you can do (almost) the same movements with a towel or belt like Brad is doing and a plastic bag. Put your foot in a bag, fasten it around the ankle with a clip, if necessary, and the foot will glide easily (on the floor or bed) due to the slippery bag.

  8. The knee glide is a limited purpose durable exercise machine that will be used for a few weeks and then gather dust for eternity or go to a landfill. That kind of stuff should be rented, not sold. (For about the cost of B&B's equipment you can get a gently used "total gym" machine add a c-clamp to the rails and duplicate that exercise plus all those that have been shown using the B&B exercise bands, handles and anchors.)

  9. Good demonstration! So I had stem cells placed in both knees about 4 years ago as a way to hold off on knee replacements. I’m currently 54 years old and am finding that the stem cells are wearing out and I am beginning to experience the same knee pain prior to the stem cell surgeries. Are there any exercises I can do to help manage the pain and prolong the inevitable knee replacements?

  10. Just found you in time. Knee replacement in 10 days. I like the glider. Was thinking the CPM machine was the answer but I like the glider idea for involving muscles in the rehab. What do you think of elliptical or pedal machines for post knee replacement? You guys are great. Great info in all of your videos. Subbed and notifications on.

  11. Had a knee replace 9 years ago and still doing really well but also did the exercises faithfully too. It worked !!!

  12. U ought to talk about that knee ligament they found about five years ago, with its own origins and insertions, functions to prevent lateral displacement. Medical science is in its infancy!

  13. CPM is never meant to be painful! One of the ortho surgeons at the hospital I am at uses CPM and it’s just for motion, NOT stretching! We prescribe parameters based on goniometric measurements. There is nothing like AROM for rehabilitating the TKA patients. The knee glide looks super helpful; inpatients could definitely benefit from this. We use a slippery sheet for heel slides and supine hip abduction just to eliminate friction.

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