심사위원 [Kevin Park] & 도장’캐’기 1탄-광주 팀헌터 [한/EN/日]

심사위원 [Kevin Park] & 도장’캐’기 1탄-광주 팀헌터 [한/EN/日]

This is where I had my fight. [Hawk eyes] This place is Gwangju. Here I #$%$^% What did I say? I told you My home is in Gwanggyo It’s not to be confused with the city I live in. Gwangju Not Jeolla-do Gwangju (province located in South-west Korea ) It’s Gyeongji-do (province surrounding Seoul) Gwangju The building is really pretty This is located in Gwangju, Taejeondong Team Poma Behind me.. Hi My good friend Joon’s Joons Poma is the abbreviation for Pride of Martial Arts At the moment, they only have this location Before they had another branch but now it’s only this one The owner is Kim Yo-han I also had the chance to receive good lessons Do you know the InJaKang? Human being (인-in) themselves (자-ja) are really strong (강-gang) kind of style He’s a strange mutant. His power is really strong , you can’t even imagine A kind of… living organism Today, I have to be a judge here. [Japanese pronunciation] I will judge and my friends can give me feedback. And if they want I think I can do a little bit of sparring in this kind of situation. We’ll go in now. Let’s go in together. Let’s go As soon as we enter, our CEO Danny There are beautiful pictures. lol. Now, lol This is Kim Yo-han (the owner) Next to him, is the person who was training with me Coach Yang Jae-Eung And aaall the way on this side Poma Our He’s so cool. haha Danny He’s so cool. and going upstairs My pretty Heelys (and yellow socks again today) [As expected] Hello This is the place where I fought Isn’t it pretty? The Gwangju gym is really pretty And it’s really clean There The legend is coming over. It’s been a long time Before I debuted as an official MMA fighter It was here.
[Click the card for Kevin’s MMA debut] Who was the referee? [was the referee] This person was the referee. A lot of people are swearing at me for that. I have to sit here to judge. Here’s the champion belt. [Pink Pink]
Wait hold on.. This is my style. [Danny opened still runs an ISAMI branch in Korea near Dongdaeipgu Station.]
You sold these ISAMI (famous Japanese brand) gloves a long time ago. These are all mine. I’ll give one to Joons. Are you serious? How many now? I think this is enough for me I didn’t receive one.. Is my first time in Gwangju (coming from Hongdae) He didn’t give me any… aye… Me, just heart Please take one If I get this precious thing, can I choose the color? (lol) Yes, you can choose Poop color I will go with the green one. [Special item] Ah, it’s really an honor. I got a present from Danny! Oh, hi. [The judging started] [Beginner burpees] [Hawk eyes] When you get up, straighten your back more. Ready.. start [Beginner push-up] [Kevin’s mind – The chest should touch the ground.] [Like this] [Kevin’s opinion – Hmm]

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Click on the card to watch [Beginner squats] Sit a little more, your not sitting enough. [Beginner sit-ups] The owner:
Fighter Kevin and next to him, Kevin’s friend Danny:
Yoo Joon Han, yes. It’s Yoo Joon Yeon… (Joons Korean name) Event!
Take down Kevin Me! Me! [The judging is over.] [Photo time] Because I need to prepare for the event I’ll take off all my accessories. Today The pants I designed myself [The shorts shown on Kevin’s T-shirt introduction video] means I know Disarming I have a lot to take off really a lot [Clean Kevin] **also putting the protection is a must I will change and come back I changed my clothes Bye, Pikachu. See you later. [Some stretching] Subscribe and like! That’s good. ** Done Fight entry parody We are doing an event but why are you so scary ? [lol] Name First challenger Copying Kevin’s entrance I am fine.
It doesn’t hurt at all. [Game Rules Explanation] For 20 seconds grab one leg, We’re learning here so don’t you know single leg? Single leg Try to take me down. I have to hold out for 20 seconds There’s a time for revenge.
Kevin gets 5 seconds to take down his opponent 20 seconds and 5 seconds The reason for this modification is that 20 seconds is required for general people those who are learning those who are learning are dangerous What happens if I take you down? Then you just pass. Do you have any prizes? I think we’re going to have a lot to broadcast. Sense. of. accomplishment. I took him down like that. I have prizes!!! Oh, you do? You can find out if you subscribe to my channel Please grab his leg. Ready…. [Be gentle please] [Not a soft competitor] He passed 20 seconds. How many seconds?? The time was over but he almost passed. 20.03 seconds!! It’s not 20 seconds. It’s not recognized. [Please listen to me…] Revenge Time! Within 2 seconds! [in the blink of an eye] Second challenger Ready.. The win is recognized if Kevin is under [Restart]
Grab his leg [Stunned] Kevin, are you OK? He’s so strong [He was taken down immediately during revenge time.] 2 seconds Applause Third challenger How many kilos do you weigh? 76kg [Surprised] It’s dangerous. Ready, go! Wait a second. Ready, ready, go! Defeat? [It was over] 5.94 seconds. Fourth challenger Your weight? 74 kg Everybody is so heavy here (Kevin looks tired) Ready, ready, go! You did well! Finally finished! As expected, the owner’s martial arts skills are originally really good his students as well. Their martial arts skills are good He joined us here for a moment The owner with high martial art skills Hello You’re Korean, aren’t you? I am not Japanese I am Korean It was fun, I had a really good time But because I didn’t sweat yet, together with Joons we will film the second segment in Yongin.. We have to go break the gym in Yongin. Did you just break my gym?? No, no! I didn’t just break your gym! (Watch your mouth) I didn’t break their gym. [Big problem] This is my home sweet home because I started MMA here. This is a gym VISIT. Let’s go back? We really gotta go back now. Let’s go. The End

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  1. 이야.. 역시 케빈박~ 언제 호탕하게 웃는 모습 좀 보여주세요.. 미소 말고~ 넘 멋짐^^

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  4. 어린이들 얼굴 나오는거 부모동의 않하면 나중에 물어 뜯길수 있으니 조심하세요ㅋㅋ

  5. 캐빈님 외모 정신세계 운동실력 노래 겸손까지 이중 하나만 특출나도 남다른데 이 모두가 한사람이라니… 세상에 없다 정말

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  7. 제 딸이 캡틴님 영상을 보면 엄청 반기며 좋아합니다. 참고로 제 딸은 하프로, 밖에 나가면 이쁘다 소리 백번씩은 듣습니다. 다만 나이가 5개월 이라 아쉽습니다.

  8. 케빈형님의 균형감각과 유연성은 정말 한마리의 맹수를 보는것같습니다… 존경합니당ㅠ

  9. 작년에 팀매드 마동현님이 여러 무술을 찾아 다니며 배움을 구할 때 부산의 극진공수 허동호 사범님도 찾아 뵀었죠. 그때 제가 그 유튜브 동영상 댓글란에 "21세기는 도장깨기의 시대가 아니라 도장캐기의 시대"라며 어쩌구 저쩌구 댓글로 썼을 때 마동현님이 직접 하트도 눌러 주시고 많은 분들이 추천도 눌러 주셨던 걸로 기억하는데 제가 생각해 낸 표현이(물론 그 이전에 다른 분도 이 표현을 썼을 수도 있으나 저는 아는 바가 없기에) 이렇게 케빈박님 제목에까지 쓰이니까 신기하네요~
    숟가락 하나 슬쩍 얹고 갑니다 ㅎㅎ

  10. Kevin park, has washable tattoos It's weird . My tattoos are real and don't wash off. Good training and martial art skills

  11. 운동이라 생각하면 헬스만 생각하던 대중에게 다양한 운동 자극을 주는 컨텐츠 즇아요~

  12. 욕을 많이 먹고 있습니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. It's so interesting to see so many different age groups training in one place!

    Thanks for another great upload♡♡♡.

  14. 나를 반성하게 만드는 케빈 제가 아직도 공부가 짧을음 일께워주는 케빈…. 당신은 남자의 멋짐이 있는 분입니다…섭입견이 이리 사람을 만드는듯 합니다 응원합니다~

  15. 케빈박형 제발 페북도 해주시면 안될까요 제발 ㅜㅜ 인스타하시는거아는데 인스타 너무 어려워요

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